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Lady Kathleen came from the Enchanted Castle Realm to the more modern realm of Dragon Valley.   She hopes to find all the Dragons here and tame them for her pleasure.  Lady Kathleen bought a little house that was right next to the Dragon Tavern, and this was home.


To make a living Lady Kathleen is going to writing and become a notable author. Writer

She decided to see a bit of the world and took a vacation with her hard earned money from writing books.  She went to Egypt.  She had many adventures in Egypt, but was lonely even though she had bought all four of her dragons with her.


During her travels around the town she met a wonderful man that she hopes will be her lifetime partner.  She actually first met him when he was at the park after just getting out of high school.  Marry-Sir-Rodney2 Later Lady Kathleen met his father, Mr O’Connell and they became good friends.  Once while talking to Mr. O’Connell she was introduced to his son, which now is grown up and very handsome.  Young O’Connell asked Lady Kathleen out of and date and it was love at first sight.  After a few more dates, they were going steady, then suddenly they are heading to the wedding hall.Marry-Sir-Rodney

Soon After the wedding the Rodney was Knighted Sir Rodney and got a new outfit.sir-rodney-new-outfit

Sir Rodney was unemployed so he decided he would try sculpting for his income, that way he could stay at home and raise his children as he held family high in his books.sculpting-by-Sir-Rodney

Sir Rodney also had a hard time convincing his father that Lady Kathleen was the best thing in his life, so he spent a lot of time at the beach talking to his father and mother.


Sir Rodney loved his Lady Kathleen, and no one can say it was just because she was a super star with a 5 star rating, because he thinks she has many more stars than that.


His most prized statue was of his loving wife Lady Kathleen


Soon After they were married and both being Hopeless Romantics, they were expecting the first child.got-preg

The first child’s name is Kasandra.


Kasandra was one of those type of eccentric types, so she started at a young age to try inventing.inventing-at-early-age

But not all inventing was easy, sometimes it was even shocking.that-hurt

Some time after Kasandra was growing up the family moved to a very nice but larger house called Rose Haven.the2ndhouse

Soon after moving to Rose Haven, Lady Kathleen was pregnant with Jon.


Over time the two children were growing up and having birthdays, while Lady Kathleen still wrote books and also spent a lot of time building a basement to this house, where the children could have room to study and work and Sir Rodney would have a place to sculpt. Thwent-fishinge biggest challenge was building the elevator into a pre-built home. fishing





At times Sir Rodney took the kids fishing.  You can tell the kids were having a lot of fun just spending the day with dad.went-to-prom

Kasandra went to the prom and had the time of her life.


loves-musicJon learned to play the guitar just  like Sir Rodney


The family would go to parties together and one of the fun filled parties was at the O’Connell house were Sir Rodney was born.

Lady Kathleen started to learn to paint when she was not writing the Great Novel.painting


Some of the fun time to be had was Jon’s Birthday and Kasandra’s Birthdays.  The pool parties were a success with a lot of family and friends attending.


As Kasandra was a teenager when Jon was growing up, The adults were sent a 2 day free vacation not just once, but twice.  I think this is the reason Jon and Kasandra grew very close, as Kasandra did not party like most people expected her to do.  She stayed home a took very good care of her little brother, Jon.  Kasandra and Jon are often found talking and playing with their dragons.playing-with-dragons

Jon even seems to find Kasandra when she was on a date as well.thekids

Speaking of Kasandra and dates, she met Aaron and he was a fairy, but she did not care because she loved him at first sight.


Kasandra married Aaron after having a bridal shower.bridalshowerKsandra-got-married-to-aaron

They got married in the same location that her parents were married which was at the Duke of Bows Fair.

new-businessWhile the family were doing their thing Sir Rodney started buying up property around town starting with the the Gypsy Bazaar.  He wanted to plan their future legacy and know they would be taken care of if something happened to him.

Meanwhile, Jon joined the Military and was the first Astronaut of Dragon Valley.


He also met Ava, which he did not know at the time but she was a very old witch.  goingstedyThe reason he did not know is she had bewitched him and drank a potion to make her young again.met-ava

Later finding this out, he loved her so much, but also wanted a child.  He decided not to choose and go to the science lab instead and get him a clone child.  The clone child is called Tarren or nick named Little Jon.see-unicorn-got-in-trouble

Also during this time frame Jon trained Kasandra.great-trainer

Aaron Played Music.aaron-plays-music

Time-travelKasandra invented a time machine.

Kasandras-new-outfitKasandra went into the future and got a very cool outfit.


Lady Kathleen got grey hair but was still a big kid when it came to Jon and pillow fights.

Sir Rodney was retired and worked out when he was not dancing with the sunshine flowers.





Lady Kathleen is mostly retired and spends a lot of time painting.  happy-painting

And during one such painting session the grim reap came to take her away.  As she knew Sir Rodney would never be able to stand this, she trick the grim reaper with a death flower and cheated death for now.


Not to mention during this time Lady Kathleen and Sir Rodney moved the family to a new house called the Enchanted Castle Manor.


The land around the house was so large that Jon one night went to the bazaar and flew the hot air balloon home, which is where it has stayed after that.  Of course Ava flew on her broomstick home.

Lady Kathleen is still writing and plays on the computer but look who is taking after her when it comstillwrittinges to computers.




Lady Kathleenthecomputer














Tarren was the first in the house hold to get in big trouble!got-grounded  He went out in the middle of the night to the lake as he heard there was a unicorn there, well the police caught him out after curfew and dragged him home.  The good thing was Kasandra was the only one up so he only got in trouble from her and not the rest of the family.inventing-the-big-simbot

Kasandra gets up one night with a great idea running in her head!  She works and works through the night trying to make her ideas pan out.the family

Her idea is no less than Inventing a simbot!

Hector is the newest proud member of the Alagaz Family, he is a simbot.



Sir Rodney’s Mother, Father, Sister all passed away and his Brother was moving out of the old family house, so Sir Rodney bought the old home and the family graveyard behind it.


After buying the old family house, Sir Rodney and Lady Kathleen spent most of their retired time there.  Of course there is the rumor that Sir Rodney really was escaping the torment of the witch Ava which Sir Rodney can’t prove it but was sure those seemingly harmless apples he found in his pocket were poisoned by Ava.

The poisoned apples did not kill him, just made him very sick.  But nothing can totally escape death, because Sir Rodney died in his old family home.  Lady Kathleen was with him when he died to hold his hand before the grim reaper took him from her.graveyard  Sir Rodney now resides in the old family graveyard.

Now is a good time to show the family trees:

familytree6 familytree5 familytree-4 familytree-3I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Alagaz family as much as I have enjoyed playing them.

More to follow later!