Gamer Girl

Yes, Lady Kathleen is a Gamer Girl, Gamer Mom, and Longtime Gamer.

Personal Computers were developed in 1974, so in the early ’80s is when my gaming began.

In the beginning, games were words and stories than pictures.

I ran a BBS for many years where I developed a game called “The Joust” where people would submit a paragraph to the story that was about Jousting.

In later years I loved to play games in the Multi-Player Modes.

Even my son is an avid gamer as he had a computer in his early years.

My Grandsons are also avid gamers which I play games with now and again.

Meet the Crew

This was a picture designed many years ago to picture one of the crews I was gaming with.

For Fun! Come Meet the Alagaz!

Sir Alagaz is my Royal Guard.  He also is the name my husband uses when he plays shooter games.