Colony Survival 9.0

Kalagaz Realm 

Old World

Progress so Far:

Kalagaz Realm is the main colony in the new world of 9.0.  A lot of things have changed since the last time a colony was built with my Family at Family of Dragons.  At the moment of building it is in testing.  The plan is to go slow and take a lot of pictures. There are very many plans for the new Outposts as well as new Colonies in far-off lands.

After a while, I was starting to not like the build so I restarted. colony-survival-9-0-restarted/

/teleport 39 168 -600

Before The Threat

The World in the Beginning before building anything.

About 20 Colonists so far.

I love that I can build while the threat level is 0. 

Underground Mining area

Underground for the beds at the moment.  

Underground work area with water piped in from the nearby river

Using a Raised Berry Garden Areas for the Colonist Safety.

23 of 25 before the threat level starts.
5 Items researched next item threat level 10

After The Threat Starts

Monks Mountain 

Mountain Top

Progress so Far:

Kalagaz Mountain is the first Outpost.  We will need to mine the mountain but I also want to bring the scholars up to the Mountain top, much like a monks village

/teleport 342 274 -424

Game Helps

T = Text

I = Inventory

r= Rotate

f- Fly

Directions W A S D   Up-Space Down-Z

1=Command Tool



F4=Clear HUD

F5=Stats (including Hud Coordinates)



Teleport Commands

/teleport banner – Teleports to nearest banner
/teleport npcshop – Teleports to nearest npcshop
/teleport crate  – Teleports to nearest crate
/teleport {x} {y} {z} – Teleports to specific coordinates
/teleport colony {colony name} – Teleports to specific colony
/teleport npc {npcid} – Teleports you a specific NPC

Added Mods

Advanced Forester

Advanced Wand


Teleport Pad


Common Cheats

/cheats on – Enables cheats for the user
/setflight true – enable flying mode. Press F to toggle between flying and walking.
/loot <item name> # –  /loot bread 100
/lootall {amount} – Gives the user a certain amount of every notable item.
/time add # –
/time add 12 to skip half a day.
/time add -12 to go back in time half a day.
/time day – sets the time to the start of the day
/time night – sets the time to the start of the night
/worldseed – display the world seed
/sethealth {value} Sets health of the player.
/time – Displays the current time during the day
/colony printhere – prints the colony information – must be in range
/deus vult – kills all zombies