About Lady Kathleen and the Stream

(status has changed to a part time Sreamer)

About Lady Kathleen

Life is a game as much as gaming can take on a life of it’s own. So now I stream daily, my passion for life and gaming.

I have played many computer games sense computers were invented. I remember the days when a simple computer was the size of a whole room.

You might wonder why all the medieval castles and dragons and such… Well to start out with, I am in real life a descendant of royalty. If your really interested in that I have a large family tree at Enchanted Family I also love Castles and Dragons and such, so I am hoping to make my theme reflect this. For years I used the Nickname “Lady Kathleen”. My son made it an official title by gifting me a small plot of land in the UK at the Dunan’s Castle. So now Lady Kathleen is more than a nickname it is my Title.

Streaming Daughter, Wife, Mom, Grandma & GreatGrandma. OK I admit it I am also a Great Grandmother but they are still to young to play video games. Also Sometimes My Mom sit next to me making me laugh during the stream.

I write poetry when not streaming and if you interested in that you can find it at Enchanted Poetry

Website Designer when not Streaming! WDP- Website Designing Plus


About Lady Kathleen

Fun Fact: I am related to the Captain of the Titanic: Captain Edward John Smith. You can find out more on this at Enchanted Titanic

Fun Fact: First Nickname Ever (amost 60 years ago) “Chatty Kathy”

Games Played

Colony Survival

Going Medieval

Medieval Dynasty








Shroud of the Avatar


Portal Knights

Medieval Engineers

Civilization VI

Landmark (no longer available)

Elder Scrolls

Everquest 1 & 2


World of Warcraft

Dark Age of Camelot

Ultima Online


Anno – Dawn of Discovery: Venice

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Dragons Age

Assassin’s Creed

Sword Coast Legends




Sims 1, 2, 3 & 4

Lord of the Rings



Ranks in Lady Kathleen's Realm

General Merchant
Knight’s Squire
Lord’s Squire
Knight/Dame in Training
Seasoned Knight or Dame
Renowned Knight or Dame
Knight Commander or Dame Commander
Lord/Lady in Training
Seasoned Lord or Lady
Renowned Lord or Lady
Grand Lord or Grand Lady
Baron/Baroness in Training
Seasoned Baron or Baroness
Renowned Baron or Baroness
Grand Baron or Grand Baroness
Viscount/Viscountess in Training
Seasoned Viscount or Viscountess
Renowned Viscount or Viscountess
Grand Viscount or Grand Viscountess
Count/Countess in Training
Seasoned Count or Countess
Renowned Count or Countess
Grand Count or Grand Countess
Viceroy/Vicereine  in Training
Seasoned Viceroy or Vicereine
Renowned Viceroy or Vicereine
Grand Viceroy or Grand Vicereine
Duke/Duchess in Training
Seasoned Duke or Duchess
Renowned Duke or Duchess
Archduke or Archduchess
Grand Duke or Grand Duchess
Prince/Princess in Training
Seasoned Prince or Princess
Renowned Prince or Princess

Lady Kathleen is Queen of the realm

Trading in RoyalCrowns

Watch the Stream you will gain 1 RoyalCrown every 5 mins

Follow the channel, you will be granted 3840 RoyalCrowns

Donations Recieve 100 RoyalCrowns per $ (Bonuses at 10, 15 & 25 Vip Status)

Play Chat Games – Type !games in chat for a list

Use the Subscribe to purchase a title and recieve enough RoyalCrowns for that Level.

You can also spend RoyalCrowns on adding Quotes, playing games (gambling) and Future Raffles and Auctions

Prime Minister


Grand Chancellor


Realm VIP is granted or bought

This is my design for the game Shroud of the Avatar 

This is my design for Shops the game Shroud of the Avatar 

In the game Shroud of the Avatar at time we are given a chance to create a Namesake Character(s) and backstory.

In my Story I gave them the names of my Grandchildren (Daemyn, Terran, Aiden) and created a small backstory.

Now added to the game we have Jon Tandaar – My Son

Jon Tandaar