Edenham Gardens

The village name is Edenham Gardens it is on a Hillside (1181652214)

Start Peoples

  1. Mary: She is a Marksmen so she will hunt and when she is not hunting she is cooking up a storm.

2. Truda: She is a brainiac that spends most of her day writing text.

3. Diana: Constructs things and when she is not then she is cooking.

Joining Peoples

4. Charles (runaway slave) – Miner Year 1

5. Sigmund (Friendly passer-by) – Gardener Year 1

6. Hankin (Friendly passer-by) – Smith, Miner and Cutter Year 1

7. Herburga (runaway slave)  – Archer and Intelligent miner Year 1

8. Cher – (Friendly passer-by) – Archer, construction and high tailor Year 2

9. Cain – (runaway slave) – Cook and mining. Year 2

10. Maynard – (Barbarian Snack) –  Gardner  Year 2

11. Aldrich – (Friendly passer-by) – Miner Year 3 

12. Osred – (Friendly passer-by) – Tailor Year 4 

13. Edelina – (Friendly passer-by) – Archer Year 5

14. Ethelgar – (Barbarian Snack) – Smart Year 5

15. Aliva – (Friendly passer-by) – Cook Year 5

16. Cynric – (raid to follow)  – Gardner Year 6 

17. Mordred – (raid to follow)  – Builder Year 6 

18. Marc – (raid to follow)  –  Cook Year 6 

19. Acton – (Friendly passer-by) – Miner Year 7

20. Winifred – (raid to follow)  – Miner Year 8

Year one

First, we built a small house to hold supplies and sleep

We built a Kitchen and dug out underground food storage.

Built tower for archers and sleeping quarters inside the tower.

Built 2 churches

Built Scribes hall

1 Raid for wanting slave back.

Progeny Attacks Raids 

In the first one, a couple had bows and 4 people

The 2nd one has a large weapon like a battering ram and 6 people. (mary was the only one not hurt)

1 Raid Lost Property (Herburga) Woot a marksmen too

Winter sets in with a cold snap.  Did I mention I hate the Cold snaps?

I mainly am trying to keep the people underground digging out more food storage as they have filled up what they had already.

Why did I make the churches so far away?  LOL, it’s cold out.

Last day of winter and what happens? A frigging Cold Snap!!

Productions Started


Butcher Table

Brewing X 4

Basic Research


Stonemason Bench

Sewing Station


Smelting Furnace

Started a Hearth but need iron to finish

Rooms Made

Both Churches


Shared Bedrooms


New Pages

At this point, I will add new Years in the pages below.

Year 2 in Edenham Gardens

The first days of spring and I still have a cold snap.... Grrr Mindless Assassins on Spring day 3 Spring day 5 Cher arrived (Friendly) Cain arrived running from the raiders In the summer when Maynard came, he was followed by Violent Extortionists. We won the battle...

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Year 3 in Edenham Gardens

3 days into Spring and we get a progeny attack. Then the next day we get a hopeful Helpmate Aldrich which is mostly a miner First Picture - Beginning of Spring progress 2nd Picture - The new storage that was dug out in the winter.  (made larger) We got a Cross Raid...

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Year 4 in Edenham Gardens

Spring came and within a couple of days, there is a Thrid Coming Attack. First Battle of the year. Great Defences as no one got hurt  Day 2 of Summer there we had a progeny attack with catapults.  As we were in the middle of building the back end it was harder to...

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Year 5 in Edenham Gardens

Spring was going well then suddenly there is a raid.  Archers and Catapults.  Hmm, what is my strategy?  Well... they did not attack.  Silly raiders.. so we slept through it. A hopeful helpmate arrives, a marksman named Edelina.The first day in summer a raid from the...

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Year 6 in Edenham Gardens

Everything is starting out great, there is a hustle and bustle in the settlers on the first day of spring.  Everyone is all excited that winter is over. Then a few days in Cynric come to Edenham Gardens says there are Barbarians that want them for a snack.  Please oh...

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Year 7 in Edenham Gardens

On the first day of spring, we complete the 4th tower and just in time for the raid to start. With 18 people now we should be able to handle a raid by the violent extortionists that think they lost property.  Keeping everyone fed might be the bigger issue now. Mostly...

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Year 8 in Edenham Gardens

The first day of the year and what do we get... Mindless Assassins!  With Catapults too!   Of Course, Mary ran out to pull them away from the catapults.. and Ran like hell back.   On the 2nd day of summer, Winifred came running in begging for help.  Raiders...

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