The first day of the year and what do we get… Mindless Assassins!  With Catapults too!


Of Course, Mary ran out to pull them away from the catapults.. and Ran like hell back.


On the 2nd day of summer, Winifred came running in begging for help.  Raiders were after them.  We decided to help. These raiders have a few archers so we will be hoping for the advantage of hight

8th Day of summer Third Coming Attack.  

I realized that I was making way too much food. I spend the rest of the year getting rid of the outside garden and stopped all the other fields for the moment and turned all the gardeners into cooks.  Maybe next year in the spring I will have the farms again.

We have had a couple of raids but nothing important about them.

I had the construction worker make a lot of pretty banners to hang around the castle.

In the spring of next year, I will have them start making a nice big church where the outdoor farming was.


The biggest issue I have had this year is my people are overworking and passing out a lot.  or getting very annoyed because they do not take any leisure time.