Colony Survival 9.0 Restarted

Things have gotten so big I need a Map now
There is a Larger Version at the Bottom of the Page
Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider


Main Colony

Mont-Saint-Dragon is based on the place called Mont-Saint-Michel

This is the 2nd try for the main colony in the new world of 9.0.  A lot of things have changed since the last time a colony was built with my Family at Family of Dragons.  My first attempt is at Kalagaz Realm.

It took a large amount of time to create.  The plan is to take a lot of pictures. The terraforming was a fair amount of work.  Inside the mountain, there are and will be a lot more tunnels, which is how the colonists will be able to reach the outer buildings.  The zombie mobs will run the streets of the village as guards and traps pick them off as they go by.

I did use the mod Advanced Wand a lot that was made by Khanx Kenovis .  The new Outposts are very cool and I have built 2 independent Outposts at the time of writing this.

Other than the 2 outposts in the different areas I have also put 4 outposts on the Jetty parts of the wall.  The plan there is they help increase the safe zone, but also they are designed where the mobs would have to kill the main banner first before reaching the outposts.

While building I was able to help with finding bugs and even was able to help the modder with mods.

I will be sharing this build with others after I am done.  And I think they might have to block off areas when they first start or get a max zone right away otherwise the mobs will spawn inside the mountain and destroy the village from within.  You might be able to block some of it off but you would have to block many areas as there are many tunnels and doors.

I have now tested this build all the way up to Very Hard and the new outer wall defenses are holding very nicely.

The Outer defenses are now along the outer wall and the Outposts (4 of them) are in the middle with the opening (4 of them) in the corners.  The pull is so strong on the outposts that the 5th entrance never gets used, but I have guards and traps on that just in case something changes.  Using 4 Entrances actually is better than just one as it splits the spawns of zombies and none get overwhelmed.

1777 Colonists in the Main

Wall 1 – 4 have only 1 Colonist each

2717 Total Colonists

2799.6 Total Threat

The Devs asked for permission to use my save game images for videos and such.  I said Yes! Now I am proud to say they are using my build for the main login screen!  I am honored they liked my build so much!  My hubby is calling me Gamous Now!



Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider

Monk’s Marsh

Outpost Colony

This outpost will grow Hemp, Over time the Researchers came and they built a library to work in. then even later a factory company joined in as well, in the Factory, they have furnaces fired up all day.

The people liked it so much there they built a puppy statue

260 Colonists in the Main

125 Colonists in Extra  (Factory Area)

Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider

Wizard’s Tower

Outpost Colony

This outpost will grow and process Poisons.  Wizards make great  Alchemists.

I built boats on the river that look like they are all going to the outpost.

Later a bunch of cotton growers decided they liked the area and started to grow cotton here.  And learn Magic as well.

162 Colonists

Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider

Temple of Sphere

Outpost Colony

A Garden Outpost, but with a future looking Sphere as the home center.
But the pure Magic of the Sphere is how many Cooks they captured.

200 Colonists

Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider

Elf’s Ridge

Outpost Colony

Who Doesn’t like Elves for the Holidays?  Here we have some miner elves and gift-maker Elves.  Wonder what other elves might show up in time.


36 Colonist

Chicken Farm

Outpost Colony

This is for my Grandson Aiden that LOVES Chickens


As this is a small build I only have 1 picture for it.


80 Colonists

Images Below are during the build which are put on an Slider

Titanic Rift

Outpost Colony

My Great Uncle was the Captain of the Titanic.  I like to honor him by adding him to my games.  In below Pictures, you can see the Actual Titanic Arriving.


The little boat only thought it was the Titanic until the Other one showed up.

72 Colonists


UFO Skyland

Outpost Colony

UFO’s are a thing!   Here in CS they have arrived.

There is one lonely Alien landing and all he finds is a wandering zombie, He must think this is a strange world!


1 Colonist

Game Helps

T = Text

I = Inventory

r= Rotate

f- Fly

Directions W A S D   Up-Space Down-Z

1=Command Tool



F4=Clear HUD

F5=Stats (including Hud Coordinates)



Find his Job – you left-click the dude with the command-tool-crown-thingy

Teleport Commands

/teleport banner – Teleports to nearest banner
/teleport npcshop – Teleports to nearest npcshop
/teleport crate  – Teleports to nearest crate
/teleport {x} {y} {z} – Teleports to specific coordinates
/teleport colony {colony name} – Teleports to specific colony
/teleport npc {npcid} – Teleports you a specific NPC

Added Mods by Khanx Kenovis

Advanced Forester

Advanced Wand


Teleport Pad

No Fall Damage

Auto Fill


Invisible Block

Tunnel Digger




Common Cheats

/cheats on – Enables cheats for the user
/setflight true – enable flying mode. Press F to toggle between flying and walking.
/loot <item name> # –  /loot bread 100
/lootall {amount} – Gives the user a certain amount of every notable item.
/time add # –
/time add 12 to skip half a day.
/time add -12 to go back in time half a day.
/time day – sets the time to the start of the day
/time night – sets the time to the start of the night
/worldseed – display the world seed
/sethealth {value} Sets health of the player.
/time – Displays the current time during the day
/colony printhere – prints the colony information – must be in range
/deus vult – kills all zombies

/debug resetresearch

/debug drain X (where X is the amount of chunks it’ll drain around you)