This is my kind of Fun

Colony Survival

British Dragonville – Home Base

This was the first build on the server called Family of Dragons.  This place includes a mini Titanic.  This has a large underground area. 


Titanic Dragon – In the Arctic 

This was a fun build – Iceberg and life rafts and all.

Dragons Lair – New World

What good Dragons Lair does not have a dragon?  

Game Helps


T = Text

I = Inventory

r= Rotate

How to fly

/cheats on

/setflight true

press “f”  (stop and start)

Press Z to go down to ground



British Dragonville

/teleport -111 100 -50                             Old World

Titanic Dragon

/teleport 343 99 4720                         Arctic

Dragons Lair

/teleport -3781 134 350                          New World

Temple of the Dragon

/teleport -177 146 -3596                         Tropic