Family of Dragons

British Dragonville

Old World

Family of Dragons found this place which ended up a lot like Britannia.  This place includes a mini Titanic.  The mini Titanic gave us the idea to build the Real Titanic in the Arctic.  Large underground area for the colony survival.  At the moment this is the Largest Colony at 1000 Colonist.


/teleport -111 100 -50  Teal

Titanic Dragon

In the Arctic

The ship is the Titanic with Iceberg and life rafts.  The Titanic is sinking and the crew and passengers are trying to keep it afloat while defending it from the zombie hordes.

/teleport 343 99 4720  Orange

Dragons Lair

New World

What good Dragons Lair does not have a dragon?  

/teleport -3781 134 350  Red

Temple of the Dragon


Tandaar’s Mayan Temple is in progress

/teleport -177 146 -3596  Blue

Panda Dragon Valley

Far East

Pagodas living.  Come Visit the Panda.  Dragon to Arrive soon.

/teleport 3056 102 -478  Pink

Congo Dragon Republic


Beach Front Property. A Great Vacation Spot. In the background you can see Tandaar’s Temple.  We just hope as he grows his horde stays over there.

/teleport 95 107 -3586  Green

Game Helps

T = Text

I = Inventory

r= Rotate

f- Fly

Directions W A S D   Up-Space Down-Z

1=Command Tool




F4=Clear HUD





Mods Added

Settlers — Info  Many more things to do now.

 Maybe Later 

Advanced Wand — Info Block Converter for like grass

Nacho Mod Sets — Info

Decorative Blocks — Info

Colony Commands — Info