Year 6 in Edenham Gardens

Everything is starting out great, there is a hustle and bustle in the settlers on the first day of spring.  Everyone is all excited that winter is over.

Then a few days in Cynric come to Edenham Gardens says there are Barbarians that want them for a snack.  Please oh please help me!  I will help you build your castle if you save me from them!  We Let them stay and shot all the Barbarians from the from of the castle.

We tried to do some underground growing, but for some reason it did not work so it will bee converted to storage and we will have to grow farms outside the walls of the castle.

Midsummer after the worst heat of the summer we run across Mindless Assassins.  Nothing we can do but fight them off. They came they got shot and 2 went running home to mommy.

Another mindless Assassins Raid.  Did they come back with reinforcements this time? Well, they got some archers this time.  Trudy got hit but other than that they were no match for Edenham Garden Archers.

I don’t understand why my food supply is so low.  by Autumn the storehouses are full of veggies.  I even added 8 more fields and 2 more farmers.  It’s not all bad as I got my hunters out gaining skill as they bring home the meat.

Lost Property you say.  What cruel master would beat you like that Mordred?  We will protect you from them.

Well, all went well and Charles and char would not just let the last 2 run away, so they watched them for a while killing one of the 2.

We had another raid at the end of Autumn – was not very exciting.. just shot them with arrows.

Mid Winter we got a ferocious swarm.  Maybe they will not get close to the castle.

They ran all over the map but we were not able to hunt them but we gathered the deer they left behind. and had good eating for a few days.

The cute story goes: Most of the winter Truda had no winter clothes on and kept getting cold. but as I told her to wear it I did not look.  I had to force her to make a winter set for Truda.

Now they all should have one winter and one summer set of clothes.

At the end of this year, we have researched Everything.  Now Truda needs a new job!

The towers are done except for one in the back.  The bridge is done as well as the extra farm on the right side.

On the last day of Winter Marc came running in with a mad mob on his tail.  We took him in and on the first day of spring will expect the raid to happen.