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Tarren decided he better get busy painting the children for the Family Wall, taking after his Grandmother Lady Kathleen in that way. And it was a good thing too!


Because as soon as Rodney was a young adult he told his parents he wanted to live on his own and persue a carrer in politics, so they  bought him a house which he moved into.  Rodney’s Aunt Kasandra decided to not let his bed go to waste and created another SimBot for the Family named Wendi Alagaz.


Now that Kasandra has finally reached her lifetime goal in life (which took the longest to get so far) and she is now retired, she asked Aaron if he wanted to maybe retire as well and move into another house in town so they could have some peace and quiet in thier golden years.  Aaron agreed as long as they could come back and visit often, and they only move down the street anyways to a house with a large garden for Aaron.

And no sooner than Kasandra and Aaron left to thier new home and life, Danica got pregnant again.  Who would have known that was going to happen.  At least this time the family have 2 built in babysitters, Bitzy and Wendi.  And speaking of Simbots, we now have to wonder if they might just start liking each other more than just a bit.


Besides Bitzy loves to rub Dancia’s tummy when she was Pregnant.


Rebecca decided to follow Rodney’s lead and break out on her own after she graduated from school. Well Rodney is her twin after all why not follow in his footsteps.  The only difference is she is heading for a career in the Arts.rebecca

Roseann was sad that her brother and sister decided to move out, but the sadness quick left when mom and dad brought home another set of twins, Razzel and Dazzel.  Ohh boy Raseann was sure glad that her parents were a bit more sane when they named her.  She thinks the return of the ghost of her Greatgrand father Sir Rodney had something to do with the twins name.  You can trust his sense of humor for something like that.