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Well Lady Kathleen is beginning to get senile, forgetting what she started and wandering off.  We suspect she misses Sir Rodney.  One day she was suppose to be in the office writing a bio and she was found playing with her grandson simbot instead.playtime

Well Tarren was sure it was in omen the day he left work and witnessed a co-worker die. death

So he ran home to check on his grandma Lady Kathleen only to find the grim reaper in the process of taking her away.deathladykathleen

Lady Kathleen can now join Sir Rodney on the hill of flowers.

Soon after Lady Kathleen passed away, Jon decided Tarren and his wife needed more room in the manor for all those grandchildren they were going to give him.  And there was such a cute little house just down the street.  So he grabbed up Ava and they both moved into the house down the street, but of course they visit most everyday.moved

Now it is time for Tarren and Danica to get busy making those grandchildren, as Danica wants at least 5.  Maybe they will get lucky and have twins or triplets.