I feel this yearning deep down in my soul,
Not for just your love, but a little romance.
I’m not talking about when we go to bed for the night,
But those little things that means so much more,
Like when you come up from behind me,
And give me a gentle hug or a sweet kiss.

A sweet kiss is what I mean not the full passionate kiss,
Not the peck on the cheek, but ones of a romantic old soul.
Being a man you might not understand me,
All I am yearning for is a little romance.
Not the full passion, but the little things that mean so much more.
The things that don’t matter if it’s day or it’s night.

Things that make my eyes sparkle like the stars in the night,
A touch out of no where with a soft gentle kiss.
The romantic little things that make me want you so much more.
These are great for my heart and my soul.
It’s just a small yearning for a little romance,
Just a sweet something that is between you and me

Nothing so great as professing your dying love to me,
Just something I can take to my dreams in the night.
I know it is hard for you to show your feeling of romance,
But my heart still yearns for the sweet tender kiss.
And the hugs that are gentle, but I can feel in my soul.
Not the everyday things, for these things are a bit more.

As a man you might think, I can’t love you more,
But as a women it means a great deal to me.
I can feel your love as the mate of my soul,
I know your passions of love in the night.
What I yearn for is that sweet romantic innocent kiss.
Not love full of passion, just a little romance

Don’t buy me flowers or gift for romance,
I have all I need, how could I ask for more.
All I yearn for is a sweet tender kiss,
In that it is special, because is it just for only me.
I don’t want to change you like a thief in night,
But a bit of romance is good for the soul.

I yearn for a little romance that’s just between you and me.
Just some gentle hugs and sweet kisses nothing more,
not talking of passion we have in the night.
I yearn for that romance you show with a kiss,
the one I can only get from the mate of my soul.

Poem Style – Sestina / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen