From across the crowded room, I see him standing there,
And no one else in the room can even compare,
From what I can see he is handsome and debonair.

He nods and he smiles, but he never says a thing,
I look at his hands to see if he is wearing a ring.

Suddenly my friends say it is time to go,
And where did the man go, I do not know,
Wasn’t he there just a few minutes ago?

A few weeks go by, and I think of this man,
To go back to this place is what I now plan.

I wear my best dress to maybe catch his eye,
As I see him at the door I suddenly get shy,
He smiles and he nods, he makes my mood fly.

Later in time he buys me a drink,
I must go thank him is what I think.

I get up the courage to follow him out the door,
I say hello, he says I have seen you before,
Your hair was up and I even know what you wore.

Now it is my number he wants to obtain,
And he said I don’t want to lose you again.

We laugh and talk, I like you he does say,
My friends have to go, but he asks me to stay,
I really like him as well, so I tell him okay,

He makes me feel special when he holds me this night,
And I say a little prayer that it all turns out alright.

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen