Ever been at a place where it is like Ye Old Sweat Shops
You know the type, where production is fast and pace never stops
It is always hurry, faster and just get it done, but if you do hurry
You can make mistakes, as it is impossible to see everything when in a scurry
In Ye Old Sweat Shop at times a person can’t finish a task
Next thing they know there are ten more things shoved in its place
Ye Old Sweat Shops make everyone feel like they are always in a race
Later when it is least expected the mistake is seen, and suddenly it is a crime
Suddenly they are taking the heat for not taking their time
Now they are branded as careless, unprofessional and who knows what else too
There is no mention of the other million things they did right from the queue
And the mistake might not really be wrongly spun
Just not done the way the shop thought it should have been done
Ye Old Sweat Shops like this nobody can win for losing
One can only hope to that they can keep on moving

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen