Remember in the sands of time,
Our life ripples though as one grain.
We may feel our time is most prime,
But its only a bubble in champagne.

As we live through the years,
Things appear to go ever so slow.
Our view of a year, it sometimes appears,
Like we are wading through dough.

But if you take that year and compare
It to a lifetime of an old man.
Then that year will suddenly appear
As if the year was over before it began.

Now if you take the life span of some
And look at it again with all of mankind.
Then that life span now has become
Very short and totally redefined.

So as your going through your life song
And your battle is a up hill climb
Remember a lifetime to us, can seem quiet long,
But in fact it*s only a speck in the history of time.

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Other
Written by Lady Kathleen