Once upon a time there was a Prince,
Whose Queen mother he had to convince.
Royalty she demands.
To help rule our fine lands.
And just the thought of this made him wince.

The young Prince fell in love with a lass,
Whose family did not have any class.
But he loved her the best,
But could she pass the test?
That his Queen mother said they must pass.

The test was made by royal decree,
And it consisted of one small pea.
To be slept on at night,
That in the morning light,
Only a princess would be cranky.

Now the prince was so worried and sad,
At the thought that his love would wake glad.
So about one o*clock,
In her bed put a rock,
So when she awoke she would be quite mad.

Poem Style – Limrick / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen