The walls that stand so tall in ages long past,
that hold the dreams we long to remember.
A noble royal king with crowns of gold,
while maidens sweet, that dance to merry tunes.

Our battling knights with virtuous ways
are killing dragons flame with mighty blows.
The tournaments and jousts were held for crowds,
to show the colorful of coats of arms.

The bards sing many songs in rhythmic rhymes,
while jester*s fun is when he makes you laugh.
But wizards hold most spectacular shows,
with knowledge of his magical of brews.

The enchanted castle of Camelot
holds dreams of things we long to remember.
And even though we can*t go back in time,
the walls still hold medieval memories.

The memories not just of king and queen,
but life so romantic, simple and gay.
The walls of Camelot hold these so true,
cause Camelot life is the fairy tale.

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – History
Written by Lady Kathleen