Oh I am so small, but let my size fool you,
For I have the biggest job of them all.
I have tiny little wings that flutter and sing.
They sing the song of your heart.

My face is cute and round,
And never wears a frown.
I am happy and gay all the livelong day.
Many see me as a child, but I have incredible depth.

Oh you over there, go give her a kiss.
Yes that one in the blue dress.
Do you need me to help?
Or can you do it yourself?

OK I got what you need a small arrow with speed.
With that done I off to the next.
What do you need small child of woe?
Oh mom is over there with a hug she does hold.

Aw, look over there a lady wants romance.
I’ll just shoot my dart into the husband’s heart.
Oops, was that a little to hard, Oh josh, what did I start
Well deal with it lady cause his passions have flared.

I see your brother misses you each and everyday,
How about I inspire him, to know what to say.
Hmm, I see it did not work as you read his card.
How about I give you an arrow and you read it again.

Lord can you tell me what to do with this one?
She loves him so deeply, but he*s not longer here.
Great thought my great master and lord,
I’ll send her, his love from the heavens above.

With all the love needed in this world today,
I thank the lord, that he made more than one.
But with my red hair and my eyes of blue,
I am the cutest little cupid of all.

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen