It was a desperate time when despair was consuming,
It seemed as nothing in the world was real.
Only a short time before most everything seemed good.
Then everything in the whole world lost its appeal.

To explain how one can cause extreme pain to another
with only a few words would be fruitless indeed.
So know this, at one point in my life this did happen to me
Then my mind, at that moment, could do nothing but concede.

To concede, to give up, to loose control of one’s mind
To feel lost in a world, to be so alone, to feel empty inside.
These are all things that bring about the final despair,
With only one thought, wanting the pain to subside.

Some go past the point, where it is all in the mind,
That is what I did, but thanks to my son I am not dead.
For it was his voice I heard, from half way around the world,
I love you Mom, don’t leave Me., is all he said.

Poem Style – No Style Format/ Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen