“No, never!  Know never!”
The stabbing sound of those loud words.
Would this new gash heal, ever?
Will my death be what I have heard?

Closing my eyes, I see
The frollicking glades of my soul
Where children play in glee.
The newer blade–that knife of old–
Makes nearby trees to bleed.

Yet, even if I ever die,
And children age to feeble rot,
My love and joy will never die,
And children’s youth will blemish not–
Not even if I ever die.

Poem Style – Kyielle / Poem Catagory – Other
Written by Todd Mikosh

Comments from the Author:

It’s a selected poem from my self-published anthology, Mangled Doves, available at Lulu.com and Amazon.com.  It’s a collection of all the poetry that I’ve ever written since high school, along with all my short stories, essays, a novella, and most of the fragments from unfinished poems and alternative versions; so it would be good fodder for a literature class but will only be sought out by those who know some of the poems contained inside.