The world outside my realm is strange to me.
For venturing out of my boundaries
Is not what I can do so easily.

I give you my sincere apologies,
For I have fears you might not understand
What shuts me in from all adversaries.

It did not happen fast, it was not planned,
This was a thing that developed over time,
And is not contagious by holding hands.

I am in prison but not for a crime
My jail cell is more like the mental kind
Where there are no real walls for me to climb.

Shut in my house is where I am confined.


I do have contact with the world outside
Though family, the web and the TV
But that is not my world where I reside.

I do admit, with care, I can go see
The world outside, but in my mental state
I rush to get back to my home safely.

So outside my house I can not relate
To things, because I am not part of it.
I am an outsider because of fate.

My world is not too bad I will admit
And I am thankful for what I have too,
Because I could have given up and quit.

But I have family to see me through.


As you can maybe see, my shut in life
Revolves around my family the most
And I am mother as well as a wife.

So over years, I have become engrossed
With my small world, and not the world out there,
Where I decide if we have rice with roast.

My family is totally aware
Of my small problem and deal with it well
They help me when I am in some despair.

And when I take a step outside my shell
They give words with lots of encouragement
Which in the end it helps me to excel.

But for now in my world I am content.

Poem Style – Terra Rima / Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen