Recently we moved to a new place,
And being new anywhere is very hard.
But it’s even harder when you don’t know
The language they are speaking all the time.
This problem can make you feel very alone
When you don*t understand what they say at all.

So maybe you can listen and watch them all,
From you own little corner of this new place.
A person goes by with a dog walking alone,
You wave to say hello, even doing that is hard,
Because you know it might be just a matter of time,
Before they find out what you don*t know.

But for now you a safe, cause they don’t know
That the words they speak you don’t know at all.
But you know it will show the very first time,
They try to converse with you in this new place.
But you get some nerve and tell yourself; it’s not hard,
And you try to overcome the feeling of being alone.

So again you sit on the porch all alone,
And start to get comfortable with the area you know,
As that person comes out the house slamming the door hard.
At this point you hope they don’t notice you at all,
And you lucky, as they start working around their place,
They stop that and start washing their car this time.

So you relax and get comfortable again over time,
So music starts to play, but it makes you feel more alone.
As it does not use your words, but music from this new place.
So you convince yourself, it is OK cause one day I will know
And maybe then I won’t feel like an outcast at all,
But for the moment this is all very hard.

Suddenly the music is so very loud and hard,
So you go into the house for some quiet time
But the music is blaring and inside is not quiet at all
But you can’t tell them to lower the music, cause you’re alone
And nothing of the language do you know.
So all you can do for now just wait and put up with this place.

It is so hard, to be on you’re own and alone,
But over some time, you will come to know,
That you’re not at all – alone in your new place

Poem Style – Sestina / Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen