Once a upon a time there was a man of no surprise,

No matter how much he tried his actions were his demise.

He thinks he will be clever in getting his girl to the alter

So he takes her to the wedding ring counter.


With questions and jests to the clerk of the place

He tries to get her into perusing the wedding ring case

When she does not respond and wonders off to look around

He suddenly spots her Christmas present he had found.


With a huff and a puff, and his brain shut down

He calls Dancer and Prancer to send her to town

Away with you, he cries, away with you now

And with a frown, to the food court she does plow.


After a time with brain still in a muddle

His thoughts come back and now thinks he can cuddle

So he runs to the one he wants most in his life

Remembering his first plan that was to ask her to be his wife.


As he finds her outside the food court at the mall

Then suddenly asks the question to be answered first of all

Will you marry me he says with a shout

Not thinking about that he had just cast her out.


She still wanted to be mad that he sent her away

you dismiss me then ask me that, she says to his dismay

but she could not stay mad at him long

for she knew it was with him was where she belonged


So she stopped prolonging his grief and worry

And told him yes she it was him she would marry.

For the one thing a girl wants is a man that is true

And no bad surprises in a husband is a big thing too

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen