She told me tales, allegoric of this truth disclosed.
A year ago, a years-on friend who suddenly proposed!
A fear to know, she laughed at pining love left unopposed.
Too near to go, the spurning act left fences all enclosed.
A warning then, that I should not let my love be exposed.

I have a need — “Will you marry me?”
Of tales I know distrust.
Love is free —
But strings and chains we bust.
I need to ask — “Will words speak for me?”

I spoke the twain, made mocking promises to wear the yoke.
And now for her, the sacred vow has turned to silly joke.
She spoke the twain, unlaughing as she spurned me with a poke.
And now for me, the sacred cow has burned to  wily smoke.
The walls of ice, the bleach-white cinder-blocks are all now broke.

I have a need — “Will you marry me?”
My words have gone to dust.
Words are free —
I write because I must.
I need to ask — “Can words speak for me?”

“Fragment 36,” an unfinished verse which was omitted from the final version of the poem,
is also published in his book Mangled Doves.

Invisible, wear the apparently-not-single ring.
Vulnerable, Oh, none of that–of Love and Fear I sing.
Invincible, possessiveness and jealousy they bring.
Venerable, that noble institution that is king.

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Guest Poet: Todd Mikosh