If you can feel what is my heart right now,
You would know why I make this new vow.
Our love almost ended on that one fateful night,
When when I tried to end it all, which gave you a fright.

You saved my life with your love that was so strong,
You heard my cry for help, even in your sleep song.
You showed what I thought we had lost, the true love we shared,
Which was lost for a time, but found it had flared.

The true love we have is not only physical and showing,
But a love that continues its swelling and growing.
Mere words can never express, this greater love I vow on my life,
So much more than the vow, that made me your wife.

The word love can never come close to express,
What I feel for you and must now profess.
In the heart of all hearts and the soul of all souls
The vow I give now and the promise within it controls

I give you the vow of life and deepest love,
I send to you on the wings of a dove.

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen