Little green man that’s not very tall,
Is so small it tends to enthrall.
They say I am in an intoxicated state,
This might be true. I will not debate.
Let my home-brew poteen be your guide,
Everyone knows it’s my joy and my pride.
Luck O’ Irish, this I have with pride,
Especially with crocks of gold I do hide.
Pots and crocks of gold, you do pursue,
Rainbows, rainbows, is my big clue,
Even if you think you can find my
Crock of gold, It’s mine to have and to hold.
Having a trick that is special to me,
All you will get is ashes, don’t you see.
Understand this when next we do meet,
Nothing is faster than my small tiny feet.


Poem Style – Acrostic / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen