I am a small green man of old age,
Intoxicated to the right stage.
Never getting so drunk,
That I smell like a skunk,
Or end up on the papers front page.

I have two leather pouches I carry,
With coins that will make you contrary.
The silver coin returns,
As most everyone learns
The gold turns to leaves, light and airy.

Oh Mortals, do you think me a fool?
As for my crock of gold, you do drool.
I did bury it so good,
It could be where you stood,
Cause I think your as blind as a mule..

If you catch me, I will guarantee,
A great wealth if allowed to go free.
But you better take care,
I can vanish in air,
And that will be the last you see me.

Poem Style – Limrick / Poem Catagory – Funny
Written by Lady Kathleen