Lady Wiccae’s evil laughter is heard
As she plots and plans to torture the world
Deviously planning has now occurred.
Yes I got it; a new style is unfurled.
With special care she plans a new contest,
In which she announces her bright new form.
Coming up with complicated and best
Contests are her habit and her new norm.
All gathered around to see her new plan
Everyone can now see hard work ahead
Syllables are counted in a line span

Everyone is instructed and rules read
Very well, now work, Lady Wiccae laughs,
I will be watching you close in your crafts.
Lots of people will be writing you know.

Learning this new style that she has now shown,
As she sits back with a chuckle so low.
Using her power to make us all moan.
Get to work on that poem she does giggle,
Hurry up and give it a try today,
The major point is to make you struggle.
Ever harder each and every day.
Realizing this is a great new change

Hoards of people will give it a good try
Even if this new form feels new and strange.
All hail to Lady Wiccae*s evil cry
Rewarding her with a new poem in style
Don’t you know you love to make her smile?

Poem Style – Acrostic / Poem Catagory – People
Written by Lady Kathleen