I search the area like a detective of sorts,
Not the kind of the all mighty courts.
A clue here a clue there of the emotions she rides,
The hardest to detect is those feeling she hides.

Don’t push to hard for the emotion to show,
For pushing to hard would make me a foe.
I sit and watch as the world goes up then goes down,
When all I want is smiles but I see another frown.

I catch another glimpse of a emotion or two,
I give you a hug which might help give you clue.
Searching for clues is not all that I do,
I teach what I can to the student that’s new.

Of course you will find many hats that I wear,
Being a judge is hardest for me I can swear.
I’m also a cop to protect you through time,
Also a maid to clean up that old grime.

Doctor and Lawyer I can be when you need,
Can also be a muse that planted that seed.
With all of my jobs in this world I do hold,
a Mystery now I would like to unfold.

Who in this world could this person be?
I am MOM can’t you see?

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen