I have a dilemma of sorts, and it has all to do with the heart,
I have looked up and down for a smile, but that is only the start.

In the smile I looked for a truth, as I couldn’t stand any more lies,
I asked for the honest truth, but I now feel it will be my demise.

I have found this smile and the honest truth in you,
But I find it is does at times make me feel so blue.

For now I cannot decide if I want the truth to be so bold,
To know that I am not the “ONE”, you want for all time, to hold.

Can I live with your heart being half full, and you love me for now,
Or should I see that it is half empty, as you tell me I am not right somehow.

Do I really want to live again in ignorant bliss, like I have in the past?
Not knowing I am not the “ONE”, then have the truth hit with a sudden blast.

Or do I just want to keep being told that in your heart I am just a guest.
The truth is in this dilemma I know not what will hurt less.

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen