Today I start a new class,
With dreams to be able to pass.
If I listen intently,
And study very hard.
I’ll be glad that I stayed
And manage to get a good grade,

Now the assignments come in.
At the end of the week, there’s a quiz.
I worked on my poem all night,
And somehow it didn’t sound right.

I call out to the teacher and said,
I fear somethings wrong with this poem
Cause I’m taking to long,
To figure out what I did wrong.

All the teacher did was chuckle and say,
Take a look once again after some sleep.
So I took a short nap,
And woke up in a zap.

I was so surprised when I did look again.
For the answer was there all the time.

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – Other
Written by Lady Kathleen