There is a big differance between Giving and Sacrificing.
Giving from the heart is overflowing and feels so good,
Sacrificing is filled with resentment and brings you down.

In my past, I think, I sacrificed myself to make others happy,
where now I give the happiness in my heart which makes people smile
I feel this makes me a better person for my friends to be around.

Giving from the heart is one of the most joyful things we can do
and in return the giving and happiness comes right back at you.

In sacrificing yourself, you are actually saying, “I will do without”
But when you give of yourself you are sharing without a doubt.

And when your feeling a joy from within, you don’t even have to think,
It feels like a natural overflow, and the world is in sync.

Thank you so much for the happiness you share with me,
because I have so much more to give, and that is the key!

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – Other
Written by Lady Kathleen