Today started the day that Sims enters the Realm of the Enchanted Castles or better known in Sims as Dragon Valley.  Sims is a Game, Dragon Valley is a World in Sims and in this game we have a character named Kaltie Alagaz.

During the next few Posts I will tell her story:

Kaltie enters the Realm of the Enchanted Castles with Rod Alagaz and her White horse Pepper.  This Realm of Dragon Valley seems like a perfect place to settle down and start a legendary family.  In the Enchanted Castle Realm it is a mix of Medieval and Modern.  This is a place that dreams are made of.

This is Kaltie

Once the family settled in a cute little house and fixed it up a bit it was time to look for employment.  Rod being a Musician and Cook looked in those to fields for something interesting.  He found a job at a new restaurant while he continued to play jigs around town.

Rod Playing for a Party

Living across from a Equestrian Center made it nice for Kalie as she loves horses.  And for Pepper it made her work harder at race training as she could heard the other horses competing.

Near the Equestrian Center is a pond which Kaltie would take Pepper for walks sometimes at night.  During one such walk they happened upon a Unicorn.  Wow a real life unicorn, who would have believed that Kaltie’s lifetime dream was real and standing down the road from her house.

Greetings to the New Member of the Family, My Unicorn

TO actually get the unicorn to want to come live with Katlie’s Family, Katlie had to be best friends with a horse (which she already was) plus a cat and dog, So the family adopted the cutest in the realm to come live with the Family.  Soon after they arrived Katlie had a little surprise for Rod.  A very cute offspring named Kaitlyn.

Newest Members of the family.

More to follow as the story unfolds.

This game got messed up so we are stating over again.