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Commands List

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Game mode
setgametype [0/1 or survival / creativel] or
gm [0/1 or survival / creative]
0-> Survival
1-> Creative

Sets your current inventory to the new default spawning
setinventory Empty

Kicks a player (reason is optional )
kick [pLAYER] [BASIC]
another player to make Admin
make admin [pLAYER]
other player admin rights evade
revokeadmin [pLAYER]

player information query
getplayerinfo [pLAYER] [ip | dbid | info]
ip> IP address
info- > general information (position, life, hunger, sleeps ?, …)
dbid-> ID in the database Query

server information
getserverinfo [memory | worldstatus | systemtime | gc | chunkhash]
memory-> infos about memory
infos about the world systemtime-> date and time
gc-> call debris collection (ka what’s good for that)
chunkhash-> chunkhash of the client and of the server (also ka what dat is good)

Changes the current ingame time
death [0-23]
settime [0-23] [0-60]

turns on / off wireframe mode , helpful sometimes to see caves or similar. Commit
sets object debug mode on / off (useful if objects can not be removed)
fixconstructionrange Show

/ Hide GUI / Chat
Show hud

Create fps or showfps
report file (important if you need help from the devs )
Help (does not work igw)
help or h quit
quit or q or exit

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