To my family and friends I have a really fun chart I made. It is the chart of how the family runs from myself to Adam and Eve. This chart is large and at first maybe a bit confusing, but once you study it a bit it can be really fun. It is interesting also to see how the family lines split off then later merge right back together. This chart is no where complete as I have been working on the data for 30 years or more. But this is what I have so far. The whole database includes over 8700 people, but this chart only has 730 people but will will reference much more in the mouse over text. Also each person is linked to the actual page of the person, in cast you are interested in more information.
Have Fun and here is the link to the chart.
I will also add a link in the blog menu for easy finding in case you want to come back another time and check it out.