Margaret Whitney's Obituary

Margaret passed away on Feb 22 2021 at 2:35 pm after getting covid.  She went into the hospital one day before the winter blast in Texas that left many Texans without power or water.  Many in her family struggled with the cold but she was safe and warm in the hospital.  Her family was not allowed to visit, most felt that she would leave the hospital after a short stay, only to find after a few days she took a turn for the worse and was unresponsive.  The night before she passed the nurse surprised only her children with a hookup so she could maybe hear them.  Unfortunately, there was no time for the rest of the family to get the same.  Margaret passed away and was at peace and sleeping.  Which she always said if she had to go that is how she would rather go.

As Margaret's family is so spread out over the world there will be no funeral service.  She will be cremated in San Antonio and Kevin will be spreading her ashes out on his family farm.  (Ashes minus 2 small urns filled for Kevin and Kathleen).  Margaret was survived by 2 Children Kevin Rouse and Kathleen Zagala, her sister Judith Giese and her family, her ex-husband John Rouse, her grandchildren from Kathleen (Jon, Rebecca, Chris, Annie, Rodney, Ashley, Jenn, Jeff), her grandchildren from Kevin (Marty, Andrea, Ray, Michael, Nathaniel, Tarrie, Kenneth, Danielle, Mandy, Allie) also her (43) Great-grandchildren as well as (13) Great-Great-grandchildren and extended family.

Margaret was mostly a housewife and mother but she also worked as a volunteer for family service and as a travel agent. Margaret loved to do genealogy and cross-stitch which she passed on the love of both to Kathleen. Her extensive genealogy page can be found here which both Margaret and Kathleen have been working on for many years.  Margaret also had a Facebook page which took many years of convincing by her children to open up and add family to it.  Both the pages have many pictures of Margaret, family, and friends.

Margaret was loved by many, in later years most described her as the sweetest old lady they knew.  She often would make others smile.  She lived in Sacramento, CA most of her life but that last few years she moved to Texas near her son and daughter, she lived with her daughter for 3 years until she was able to find a senior living apartment for the last year and a half.  She was fortunate that she was able to spend some of the holidays with her son and extended family in Austin during the last years.

During the years she lived with Kathleen, no one wanted to cook so she loved it when Kathleen and Rod would take her out to dinner at least 4 nights every week.  Margaret and Kathleen spent many hours in the front room cross-stitching.  But one of the projects Margaret was most proud of was her Christmas stockings that she made for all family members and friends.  She originally made them in the 1960s and more recently found the pattern and ordered the yarn and made more for her ever-growing family and extended family.  If I was to guess on the number she made it would be close to 100.

Written with Love by Kathleen Zagala



  1. Lady Kathleen

    At this point, I would like to open the comments section on this page for any STORIES you would like to share about Margaret.

  2. Kevin M Rouse

    If I have anything to add, I would have to say Mom was happy. She and Butch enjoyed living in Sacramento but it was far from her children. When Butch passed away she was all by herself. In March of 2017 Mom said I would like to move to Texas, it is too lonely here by myself in this house. Judi and I few to Sacramento that week and boxed her up and drove her and all her stuff to Kathy’s house, of course. At one point Mom stuck out from Kathy’s place to her own apartment. Judi and I helped her get moved in. We found the furniture and before you know it she was happy in her own apartment. She liked being on her own. I would call her near every day. For holidays I would pick her up and bring her home. All the family would come over and visit. She loved visiting Austin and all her Grand and Great grandkids. We would sit on the deck and watch the sunset with a few beers. It was a grand time. We had a long visit at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

  3. Jennie Norris

    I loved reading this… I saw the number of grandkids and great-great grandkids – WOW! My memories of your Mom, my Aunt Peggy, are from age 4 visiting your family in Texas… And seeing her throughout the.years…her laugh, and her love of purple. 💜 She survived close health calls and she rallied with the love and support of family… I believe she would have this time too if not for covid restrictions… ☹ And I am thankful she did not suffer and died peacefully. We will miss her… ❤

  4. Juliet (Gieae) Smith

    My first memory of Aunt Peggy was when I was four, and we got to visit her in Texas. What an adventure that was for me. I loved knowing that she and my Mom were sisters…it’s a lifetime bond that even years apart cannot shake. If see that bond when she’d come to California to visit – it was as though she just picked up where she left off. She seemed to like living her life and wasn’t one to “intrude” on others even if they were only miles apart.i think Kevin said it best when he said she liked her independence, and she liked her involvement similarly “controlled.” Not at all in a bad way, but one that made her comfortable. She made the trip East for my first wedding – spent at a beautiful inn on the Eastern Shore.. I wish so much that she had met my second husband, Clark, and our son – Kye. He was the only true Ginger in my family, though his hair now is a dark as his dad’s and his lake blue eyes speak still of our ancient ancestry! I felt for Aunt Peggy when Butch died For I too lost a husband and the void it leaves never is “filled.”

    I’m glad that she and my Mom became closer in later life! It’s something I need to make good at. I love my sisters and it is a special bond. I enjoyed hearing of all your exploits either through my mom or on FB. What a legacy she leaves behind!!! 43 great grandkids, a dozen or more great great grandkids! You done your mama proud! You mentioned the knitted stockings for Christmas. I still have mine!! It’s one thing I truly treasure. Over time, I loved to crochet and tat, so there we all were on the other sides of the country letting our creative souls loose! Aunt Peggy will be truly missed, but she lives on in so, so many!! RIP Aunt Peggy!! You were truly and well loved and your in a peaceful place I hope raising hell as only you can!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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