Virtue Type Quests

Virtue Banners

We have created banners for the 8 virtues, the 3 principles and for the unifying principle of Ethos (aka Virtue). The visuals for these were inspired by Tibetan prayer flags in size, colors, and material. These banners can be obtained by completing quests along the main paths and through various side quests.


    • Candle of Love Banner: Obtained by finishing the Solace Bridge Outskirts main quest.
    • Bell of Courage Banner: Obtained by finishing the Highvale Outskirts main quest.
    • Book of Truth Banner: Obtained by finishing the Blood River Outskirts main quest.
    • Ankh of Spirituality Banner: Obtained by learning about the virtues from the devotional caretakers of New Britannia.The quest to obtain the banner by learning about the virtues from the devotional caretakers of New Britannia has been updated since Release 46. It is now a quest with a defined beginning and end versus how it was previously tracked and awarded without any notification or defined start/stop. Wondering if you’ve talked to a devotional caretaker about their virtue? Ask a caretaker the name of a patron city and they’ll tell you if you’ve talked about its virtue with its caretaker.
    • Banner of Honesty: A puzzle reward in the revised East Longfall Wetland includes the ability to collect the Banner of Honesty.
    • Banner of Justice: Deep in the Elysium Mines is a powerful ghost, doomed to haunt the mines after being betrayed ages ago by his own twin brother. Find a way to engage the ghost in combat and take his treasured Banner of Justice!
    • Banner of Humility: Find Veimor: This side quest in Braemar that sends you to West Ravenswood now rewards the Banner of Humility. (Players who already completed this quest can return to Bridget Helvig in Braemar and say “hello” for the banner.)
    • Banner of Compassion: Loreley’s Sketchbook: This side quest in Desolis now awards the Banner of Compassion. (Players who already completed this quest can return to Harley Redwool in Desolis and say “hello” for the banner.)
    • Banner of SacrificeDefeating Cabalists: The Defeating Cabalists side quest (gained from scouts in sieges) now rewards the Banner of Sacrifice. (Players who already completed this quest can return to a scout in any siege and say “hello” to get the banner.)
    • Chalice of Honor Banner: Obtained from the treasure room after defeating an Ebon Dawn Shadow Master in the heart of Brittany Sewers.
    • Sword of Valor Banner: Obtained by defeating the Tier 10 enemy in Courage Club.
    • Banner of Ethos: Fading Memories: A forlorn skeleton in the Lost Vale is having trouble remembering his past. Help him regain what he’s lost by successfully completing the “memories” within that area. In the end, you’ll earn the Banner of Ethos (and unlock the ability to replay each memory with a higher challenge level).

Virtue Armor Quests

Highvale Outskirts: Huntsman Sven in his hunting cabin is looking for courageous Outlanders to kill the rogue Kobold Frostgeist. Doing so will lead you to the quest that awards the Plate Helm of Courage.

Blood River Outskirts: Gus, the friendly automaton, is looking for his dormant automaton monkeys. Returning one to him will lead you into the quest that awards the Cloth Hood of Truth.

Solace Bridge Outskirts: Farmer Filmore is in mourning for his love, Betty the Chicken. Avenging her for him by killing the wolves will award you the Leather Helm of Love.

Solania: An old woman in the crafting pavilion hopes you’ll complete a task for her within the new Lost Whiteguard Silver Mine. The one who helps her will receive a new Leather Chest Armor of Love gift.

Storm’s Reach: A man near an entrance to the new Understorm Gold Mine believes the elves that operate the mine are up to no good, but he needs evidence. Will you help him find out if his conspiracy theory is correct? Successfully completing his mission will inspire him to award you the new Cloth Robe of Truth.

Jaanaford: A satyr awaits at the concealed entrance to the Broken Echoes Silver Mine, hoping to find a human to act as an intermediary between him and his irate miners. Those who successfully help the satyr will be awarded the new Plate Chest Armor of Courage.

Virtue Armor Glove Quests: While fighting in random encounters, sometimes killing low-tier animals will draw out high-tier creatures. And some of those times you’ll meet a new person after those high-tier creatures are defeated. But whatever could they be doing in such a remote area? Whatever their reason for appearing, you might want to talk with them and see if they have a quest that results in something valuable! (Some of the quests offered by these characters will reward players with Truth, Love, and Courage gloves.)

Truth Boot Quest: A plunderer in the Sunless Barrens claims she escaped the clutches of the Ebon Dawn and could use your help stealing magical cloth from an evil cultist. Or maybe you’d rather help the cultist around the corner, who’s willing to help you better understand the ways of the Ebon Dawn? Pursue your own truth and Cloth Boots of Truth may come to you in the end!

Love Boot Quest: A mentor has brought her squires to the South Drachvald Spur to engage in a local custom, but is afraid the area has become too dangerous to venture around. Won’t you find it in your heart to help them with their custom? Doing so could end up getting you Leather Greaves of Love!

Courage Boot Quest: The blacksmith in Yew had his ingot shipment stolen. Are you brave enough to recover what’s been stolen? It just might set you on a path to earn Plate Greaves of Courage!

Keep Your Pants On: Training the guard of Harvest is something Knight-Commander Torben takes very seriously. Help him hunt down an inspirational book written by a long-dead general and you might also find Plate Leggings of Courage in a place you never knew existed.

One Leg at a Time: Simone in Ardoris recently lost her daughter, a victim of a black arrow shot by a murderer. In her grief, she misplaced her late daughter’s favorite book. It’s up to you to recover that book (and gain Leather Leggings of Love along the way!).

Pants on Fire: Thibadeaux in Jaanaford is looking to build up her Reliquarium, and a pre-cataclysm relic is just the thing to do it. Journey across Novia to find the perfect item for her to display and you just might earn you own reward—namely, Cloth Leggings of Truth!

New Reward for Story Completion

All Avatars who complete the entire story will receive a Player-Owned Town Row Lot Deed (Taxed) from the Oracle! This means completing the Paths of Truth, Love, Courage, and the Path of the Oracle. This will be retroactive, so anyone who has already completed the story will merely need to revisit the Oracle to receive their lot deed.

Starter Quests Areas

Blood River and Outskirts

There are many that start in Blood River and Outskirts.  (Talk to everyone you see)


Highvale and Outskirts

There are many that start in Highvale and Outskirts.  (Talk to everyone you see)


Solace Bridge and Outskirts

There are many that start in Solace Bridge and Outskirts.  (Talk to everyone you see)


Companion Quests

The Last of the Order

Ariel Rosehaven, the last surviving member of the Order of Truth, is willing to share the secrets of the arcane robes that members of the Order wear. Speak with Ariel (either as a companion while in Offline Mode, or in the Aerie town square in Online Mode) and ask about the Order of Truth to learn how these robes can be yours, along with the legendary Mighty Cudgel of Obvious Truth (rumored to enable its user to win almost any argument!).

Fiona FitzOwen's Merchandise

Every good musician has merchandise for sale! Luckily, Fiona will give you hers for a song; speak to her either as a companion (in Offline Mode), or while she is giving a performance at Peladjar’s Inn in Ardoris (in Online Mode), and ask if you can help her to learn how to obtain her unique FitzOwen Legacy Gear (including the unique Triple Crossbow and Lute!).

Armor Fit For A Knight

The armor worn by the most stalwart of the Knights of Norgard is built to withstand the toughest punishment, its mettle tested in the fires of war. Now you can assist the Knights and earn the right to wear your own, just like that worn by Sir Conrad Dupre, one of Norgard’s finest defenders. Speak with Conrad, either as a companion (in Offline Mode) or at his post in Resolute (in Online Mode), to learn the secrets of the Knightly Order Plate—rumor has it that true stalwarts will be rewarded not only with a complete set, but with a matching Sword and Shield much like Conrad’s own!

General Quests

These are more hints to help you get started and find the Quests

Mail Recovery

    • Town Criers will now pay you for retrieving undelivered mail found in adventure scenes.
  • Undelivered Mail (Magic Prints): Completing the “undelivered mail” side quests now has a chance to offer players a bonus reward from a set of four prints of elemental magic (earth, air, fire, and water).

Deliver Mail

Starts in Desolis with Town Cryier

Grand Tour

The Grand Tour has returned! Visit any automaton wearing a dapper derby to begin. Rumor has it that knowing how to use the lunar rifts will be essential… at least, if you want to earn your own Shardfall Cloak!

In the Clink

Starts in Owl’s Head with the Merchant

Spoiled Meat

Starts in Kingsport with Morgan, the merchant across the mini-bazaar from Myra. Ask about his “job”, then tell him “sure” twice and he will request that you tell Todd that “Myra’s meat is spoiled”. If you do this and then tell Morgan “The task is done” he will say you get a discount. If you do this, Myra will no longer speak to you and you will be unable to finish her quest if you have not done so already.

Dagger Delivery

Starts in Braemer with Jarred

Missing Shipment

Starts in Braemer with Flynn Gilson

Kelly is missing

Starts in Braemer with Abela

Leader of the Pack

Starts in Braemer with Bodan Koren

Velmor is Missing

Starts in Braemer with Bridget

Bounty for any record of the Obsedians

Starts in Desolis with Elara Solstar and/or Wynston Haevia

Marlene at Graff Gem Mines

Marlene Graff, one of the former owners of the Graff Gem Mines, rewarded me for recovering her necklace that she lost when fleeing the kobold attack.

Find Felicia

Starts in Resolute with Knight of the Norgard Barkley Canis

Bank Key

starts in Aerie of course at the bank

Truest Love

Starts in Solania with Sada in the Crafting area

Samael’s Ring of Remembrance

Players that seek out Samael in Brookside will now find an additional side quest to assist him in restoring a cherished item before continuing to Spite in search of Sequanna.  

Kiln Cistern’s Bonus Reward

Ivar in Kiln has an additional gift for anyone who has successfully completed his Kiln Cistern quest—a “Framed Principles and Virtues Parchment” wall hanging. (If you already completed Ivar’s quest, say “gift” to him to find out more information.)

Save Mildryd

starts in Resolute. 

The Lord Must Fall

The Drumplemouths are at it again, this time in Aerie. Natasha and Marlin, two residents in Aerie, are distraught that they lost their livelihoods and a large amount of their financial assets at the hands of Lord Harcourt Drumplemouth, the wealthy uncle of Phineas Drumplemouth. They claim the only way to get their assets back is to assassinate Lord Harcourt Drumplemouth, and retrieve his vault key. But is it really as simple as that, or is there more to this story? It’s up to you to find the truth… or kill!

Crafting Quests

Edwin in Soltown, Gilda Metcalfe in Aerie, and Bledig deCani in Resolute now offer updated starting crafting quests to teach the players how to use the basics of the crafting system.

Meet Macsen

Lord Macsen’s quest now has received some polish, including the addition of quest-specific compass markers. The quest starts with a guard in the same building as the Aerie guard captain Rico.  Her name is Kayla Plesh.

Earth Rise Pot

In Brittany Graveyard, Helen’s ghost will offer to make you a special pot in this touching tribute to Lord British’s mother.


This is a side quest that starts in Aerie related to the elf prisoners in South Longfall Wetland (mentioned above) where you will ultimately have to choose whether you will tell a truth or a lie.


This quest, which has players leave Aerie to search for a missing elf in South Longfall Wetland, has had conversation and journal improvements, the addition of quest-specific compass markers, changes to improve Patrator’s availability, and other bits of polish.

Witch of the Wetlands

In the Hollow Log Home in the South Longfall Wetland lives the Witch of the Wetlands. Rumors tell that she alone knows the secret to crafting such a log home, and keeps the recipe hidden somewhere within.

Caged Elves

Elf prisoners are imprisoned in the South Longfall Wetland—will you free them?


The caged elves in South Longfall Wetland have received quite a bit of polish, including improved conversation responses and journals. Also, these elves will re-spawn more frequently and give an experience reward to players who free any elf. (Players who already completed this quest can return to any of these freed elves and say “hello” for the experience reward.)

Spurred Bounty

After you’ve turned in at least one bounty slip to a bounty master, offer to “help” them and be tasked with your own bounty hunting job.

The Ichor Witch Waits

While investigating the Solania Catacombs, you may find a wounded Whiteguard soldier. She will tell you that she is investigating the uprising of the Bloodbones—skeletal abominations that bear a striking resemblance to Bloody Bones of Solace Bridge Outskirts. She will ask you to finish what she started by going deeper into the Catacombs and eliminating what could be the thing that brought the Bloodbones—the Ichor Witch! Defeating the Ichor Witch will get you a nice, black skull trophy to put alongside your Bloody Bones skull trophy… and those eyes!

The Bandit and the Skeleton Prince

The Skull Orator makes another appearance, this time inside Soltown Sewers! He has been instructed to test your virtues once again by requesting that you retrieve two items—a Blue Gem Container from the Bandit Leader and a Red Crystal Phylactery from the Skeleton Prince. As usual, the Orator does not care how you get the items, just that you fulfill their task. Will you complete the task to get in the League of Skulls good graces and receive the League of Skulls Copper Coin, or will you attract their ire and get visits from Skull Clippers and Skull Cutters? The choice is yours.

Heart Stone Horrors

Going deeper into the Soltown Sewers, you will run into fearsome Bloodbone Footmen, Mages and Archers. Defeating and looting these enemies may give you a mysterious Heart Stone—a blood-red, hand-sized stone carved into the shape of a human heart. The Heart Stone seems to push you further into the sewer depths and into Solania Catacombs. What could this strange stone want that’s within the Solania Catacombs? It’s up to you to find out!

Stinking Bandits

Stan Clark, the bard in the Soltown Inn, will send you into the Soltown Sewers to retrieve his family ring from the Bandit Leader. Returning his family ring will reward you the Head Bandage, which has a special health regeneration effect. After all, being an adventurous avatar will cause the occasional head injury, so Stan feels the Head Bandage is the perfect reward!

You Be the Judge

Avatars are asked to be the judge in Blood Bay, since the previous judge met an untimely demise. Speak to Mayor Hinkley in town to get the scoop. However, not all is as it first seems. A mysterious individual, simply called the Orator, makes the player an offer they can potentially refuse, but maybe should think about very carefully. Plus, passing judgement will reward the player with the Judge’s Wig wearable.

Students of virtue

Martin, the leader of a group of students of virtue that i discovered in Ardoris, is asking for help in finding books for his students. If I can find all twelve books, four for each virtue, and give them to the students, they will give me each one third of a statue representing the virtues. I can then have Martin assemble those pieces for me.

Students of chaos

Gina at Savrenoc Stronghold Wants books (Will not talk to you if you maxed your good virtue)

Looking for Husband

Starts in Kingsport with Alicia who  is looking for her husband Morton. She has the “book” he is looking for and will give it to you for telling her where he is.

Trapped in Hidden Vale

Starts in Kingsport with Lauren is hanging out in the Broken Anchor’s building. She believes she is trapped on the Hidden Vale and will ask that if you can find Wycliffe, Norman, and Halmar to give her any “news”. If you then ask Wycliffe about Norman, he will also want “news”.

Fire Lotus Tavern

Starts in Kingsport with Morton, a traveling merchant hanging out in the Fire Lotus Tavern


Starts in Kingsport with asking the bartender of the Fire Lotus Tavern about “quests” will cause him to ask about his ale being held up in Kingsport, as well as mentioning the “throne” ruins. He can also direct you to ask Guard-Captain Dreyfus about Winslow.

Anthracite Ore

Starts in Kingsport with Bentham inside the Tesla tower, he will mention the need for “Anthracite Ore” which can be gathered in caves outside of Kingsport.

Charlotte Gray

Starts in Solown with one of the refugees who stand just to your right as you zone into Soltown named Abigail asks you to go back to Solace Bridge and see if you find any sign of her daughter Charlotte Gray.


Starts in Solown with Ashton, who asks you to go back to Solace Bridge and recover his grandmother’s Keepsake. He stands just outside the Inn.

Retrieve a Key

Starts in Solown with Bentley asks you to retrieve a key from his farm house in East Perennial Trail.

Iron Blade

Starts in Solown with Geof asks you to retrieve an Iron Blade off of undead in East Perennial Trail.

Wanna Buy a Duck

A reimagining of a Britannian classic! Players can now obtain the rare white duck pet. Start this quest by talking to Jean Christian Dupre at the Cozy Goat Tavern in Brittany Fields.

Amanda Waits

starts in Etceter

BACKSTORY:Just up the hill from that is an abandoned hovel or two, including the cottage of Amanda, the sister of Syenna, described in “The Sword of Midras” as having beautiful yet somewhat Elvin features, the product of the terrible Obsidian Reshaper experiments that left her somewhat crippled. There is little left of her life there centuries ago, and its barren interior bespeaks of sadness and loss. Syenna had hoped for a cure for Amanda, but in the end realized that the only cure the Obsidians would offer her sister was a vial of poison, and the release of death. Though little is known of Syenna’s fate, for it is said that she followed Aren Bennis to the northeast after the fall of Opalis 200 years ago, it is written that Amanda once loved to rest upon the stairs at her doorstep and chat over the stone fence with her neighbors, and to sit with great yearning inside her bay window, from which she could gaze down the earthen main road toward the center of town and the harbor beyond in the vain hope that one day she would see her beloved sister Syenna walking up that long path to finally come home for good.

Dare of the Witch

    • The children in Harvest will now dare you to spend the night in the “house on the hill” where they say the ghost of a witch resides.
    • We updated the directions in the “Dare of the Witch” conversations. We also added “nonbeliever” conversations to most guards and adults (and the child named Sergeant) via unlinked keywords for “witch” and “house on the hill” and “legend” that will describe the nonbeliever perspective of the witch legend. Finally, more children were added to the scene and gave unique names to all the children instead of leaving them with no names.

Minstrel’s Horse Quest

    • Along the South Broken Road, an unexpected troll encounter forced a wandering minstrel to run and hide. When he emerged, he found that his horse had been carried away by the troll. The troll has the horse locked in a cage, from which the player must free him, then return to the minstrel for back-patting.
    • The Minstrel’s quest to save Petunia has received some polish, namely quest-specific compass markers.

The Witch’s Solution

A witch living deep in the forest of North Midmaer Way needs your help to create a special formula to keep the local reapers docile. Those who assist her are rewarded with a “Framed Anti-Principles and Anti-Virtues Parchment” wall hanging.

Added more dialogue to the NPCs involved in “The Witch’s Solution” (Elias the traveller, Sigmund the woodsman, and Bellis) to better explain the situation.


Unlocking Secrets

The tasks picked up in Crooked Shank received a bit of polish, including quest-specific compass markers.

Phuulz Me Once

In the town of Mud, Janni the Weapon Merchant and Jachad the Crafting Merchant are both wearing special, magical hats they say they earned for their bravery and strength. They will point the player to Bopyk, the busy Kobold that camps just outside the northern wall of Mud, if the player wishes to acquire a “pointy tin hat” for themselves. But beware the Phuuzlblarg’s potent gas attack! Getting around it is part of the ultimate challenge for such a special helmet!

Bandit Execution

This side quest on the Path of Courage in Resolute sends the player on a quest to kill a bandit leader as payback for taking over Highvale Village. However, deals can be made between like-minded individuals.

Precious Wood Duck

Lars Trong, a retired merchant and insatiable duck enthusiast that can be found in Random Plains Encounters , wishes to update his flock of pet mallards to include a cuddly wood duck. He commissioned an odd chap, named Rehctelf, to find him the best example of the duck, but has not heard anything from the fellow in over a week. Naturally, Lars will ask the player to track him down and retrieve his new, beloved wood duck. Hopefully, there’s no miscommunication betweeen Lars and Rehctelf, but you never know.

Geisterseelen Liebe

In the quaint, little pub in Resolute, players will find Whiteguard Mahrs enjoying a room-temperature brew across from Brigid. Speak to him and you’ll discover that there is an artifact within the Broken Echoes Silver Mine of mysterious, and possibly dangerous power, called the Geisterseelen. Could this be the artifact that controls the geists that have befallen Highvale Outskirts? That’s what Whiteguard Mahrs wants you to find out, by retrieving the artifact and giving it to him. However, there’s a catch! In order to gain access to where the Geisterseelen is kept, you must agree to do a task for an Orator that is in front of the mine’s entrance. The Orator literally holds the key—the combined, mysterious essences an avatar retrieved for the Orator in Soltown Sewers (perhaps YOU were that avatar!). Upon successfully retrieving the Geisterseelen, you must choose who to give it to—Whiteguard Mahrs or the Skull Orator. Choose wisely, since it may influence future interactions… and possible ambushes.

Broochash Shakedown

A thuggish “street scholar” named Umberjack is willing to hire you to bully locals to pay him “insurance” to remain safe. (Umberjack offers repeatable daily quests.) May reduce your Courage

Vanquishing the Atavists of Purity

Ranees Binders in Desolis is one Novian who feels that Outlanders should be welcome in New Britannia and wants to help rid the land of the Atavists of Purity. Seek him out and be rewarded for vanquishing these intolerant natives.

Hospital Gown

Hammond the Healer in Westend will give you a Hospital Gown if you will just find a specific Amanita Spore for him. It can’t be that hard can it? I mean surely these patients lying here aren’t previous questors?

Ruins of Ravensmoor

A lowly magician’s apprentice has somehow made his way into the Ruins of Ravensmoor but is afraid to venture further. Will you take over his task, go deeper into the catacombs, and find an incredibly dangerous lich named High Inquisitor Roedberk?

Alms for the Poor

Some poor orphans and beggars could use a helping hand. Give them a coin and the oracle may recognize your compassion… while a threatening response to their request may have the opposite effect! As part of this Chad is not the only beggar! Beggars have been added to the following towns: Aerie, Brittany Estates, Central Brittany, Desolis, Etceter, Fortus End, Goti , Kingsport, Noreach, Point West, Resolute, Soltown & Xenos.

Trainer Quests

Kill Riei Firefeather and Take It's Feather

Starts in Desolis with Anya, the master of Sun Magic

Kill Xavara and Take It's Ashes

Starts in Desolis with Martell, the master of fire Magic

Death Magic trainer gives you a quest

Starts in Necropolis Barrens with Davropos, the master of Death Magic

Cabilist Quests

Defeat the Cabalists

The devotional caretakers need your help! Talk to each caretaker and mention the name of a cabalist that hates their patron virtue. Most caretakers will ask you to eliminate that cabalist, while the caretakers in Resolute, Aerie, and Ardoris will ask you to eliminate four of them.  

  1. Dolus: The Cabalist of Deceit who causes confusion in the ranks, whose symbol is the Two Faces of Deceit.
  2. Temna: The Cabalist of Despite who turns allies against each other, whose symbol is the Torn Heart.
  3. Nefario: The Cabalist of Dastard (Cowardice) who strikes terror into those who dare oppose him, whose symbol is the Raised Arms of Capitulation.
  4. Nefas: The Cabalist of Injustice who causes enemies to beg for mercy, whose symbol is Imbalance.
  5. Avara: The Cabalist of Punishment who inflicts huge amounts of damage that lingers for long amounts of time, whose symbol is the Flail.
  6. Indigno: The Cabalist of Dishonor who generates large clouds of poisonous gas, whose symbol is the Poisoned Chalice.
  7. Corpus: The Cabalist of Carnality who forces opponents to “disrobe”, therefore losing all their defensive protection, whose symbol is Intercourse.
  8. Fastus: The Cabalist of Vanity who mesmerizes opponents, whose symbol is the Vortex of Self Absorption.

Catalyst of Hate

The scouts within hills sieges and forest sieges have a new priority: Take away the alchemical catalyst used by Siege Engineers to trigger their catapults. Bring alchemical catalyst to the scouts for a reward in this repeatable quest.

Lost Vale Quests

Fading Memories

A forlorn skeleton in the Lost Vale is having trouble remembering his past. Help him regain what he’s lost by successfully completing the “memories” within that area. In the end, you’ll earn the Banner of Ethos (and unlock the ability to re-play each memory with a higher challenge level).

Lost Vale Crystal Ball

Anyone who has successfully completed the “Relive the Siege of Opalis,” “Relive Rescue of Grand Artificer,” or “Relive the Fall of the Epitaph” tasks of the Forlorn Skeleton’s quest can mention “Lost Vale” or “Crystal Ball” to Anais to obtain a one-time gift, a Lost Vale Crystal Ball decoration item. This item has a special quality which can let players know when the Lost Vale is available.

Champion Quests

Pain and Suffering

Journey to Braemar and enter the newest edition of the Compendium of Pain and Suffering . Inside its mystical dimension, the mysterious Narrator will challenge you to survive his quest fraught with “Pain and Suffering.”

Courage Club

In Release 45 we added the Courage Club in a couple of locations and now Central Brittany also has its very own Courage Club arena where you can test your mettle. 

We added this to more scenes including Valhold, Westend, and Mud. Additionally, there are more options for the final challenger and each one has a unique name. Additionally, the explanations of Courage Club given by the referee has been updated to make its purpose and ramifications more clear. Finally, Courage Club no longer allows other members of your party to join you inside.

“Courage Club” (starts with guards in several scenes with barracks)

Emote Quests

Say it with Love

For when your hands do your talking for you to your special someone. The /iheartyou emote can be learned by asking Khasi, the Priestess of Love in Ardoris, about love. (Note that she once gave “/kiss” before this release – that can still be learned from her courtiers, Chantik and Damai.)

Kurt’s Secret

Blacksmiths are strong, skilled, and often work long hours, but one such smith often escapes the hustle and bustle of work by visiting the remote hills in eastern Midmaer. Those in search of encounters that rove across Novia may accidentally run into Kurt the blacksmith and find out the secret to his happiness… and learn the /spin emote he has to teach!

Gonna Choke a Brat

Highvale Outskirts monastery’s resident brat, Billy, will teach the player the /choking emote if the player can catch him in-between running around and insulting the refugees.

Merchant Flirtin

Crafting Merchant Timothea has become very friendly, as of late. Even though she and her people have fallen on tough times following the Battle of Solace Bridge, she will flirt with the brave avatars who speak with her in Solace Bridge Outskirts, teaching players the /flirt emote in the process.

Lucky Nugget

Learn the new /oldprospectordance in Tenebris Harbor from Zan, the old prospector for a limited time as Zan may not be around forever (prospecting is a hard life after all).

/oldprospector Quest: In Release 53, we added this emote as a sidequest with an extremely limited availability (only the opening weekend of the release). Even though the emote was teachable, and therefore still attainable from other players, we received a large amount of negative feedback on this delivery method. So, we’ve added this new follow-up quest from the same old prospector, and this time there’s no time limit on the availability of the dance reward. (Even players who have already completed the Lucky Nugget quest can pick up this new quest.)

Ebon Dawn Scheming

A new Ebon Dawn prisoner is being held at a guard post in Port Graff. Players can chat with him to learn about the Ebon Dawn (and the new /scheming emote).

Cat Lady

Cat Lady in Aerie will give you /conduct

Fungal Enthusiast

Somewhere in Yew there’s a grumpy elf who’s just trying to do his job but keeps getting interrupted by outlander after outlander. After engaging in conversation with this sarcastic fellow, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up his /eyeroll emote.

“Rake” emote

Thrent the farmer in Aerie is a simple man with simple needs. If you’d like to help out at his farm, he’ll teach you how to rake.

Soltown Sweep

Speak with Emma the Barmaid in Soltown’s inn to find out about her special technique in sweeping, keeping her establishment spick & span! Players will learn the coveted /sweep emote.

Drumplemouth Disgust

Talking to Natasha about Lord Harcourt Drumplemouth will get her to express her utter disgust and also teach you the /spit emote.

The Prank is on Shandy

Shandy Chapman (see Wandering Merchant in Scene Polish below) can’t really handle being pranked and if you lie to him enough he will almost have a heart attack, thus you will learn the new /heartattack emote.

Jealous Boyfriend

Viggo in the city of Mud is jealous of another man who has been sweet talking his girlfriend. Accept Viggo’s task to intimidate the other man and learn the /palmpunch emote.

Ring My Bell

Inkeri calls to the orphans in Estgard with her bell, letting them know that her home is a safe space for them. She’ll teach Outlanders the new /ringbell emote.

Seasonal or No Longer Available Quests

Arch Lapin

Rumors abound of the return of this nasty foul creature who can only be slain by the fabled Sacred Orb of Obliteration. Note that avatars who have vanquished the Arch-Lapin in years past are now free to do so again, though they may find it even MORE perilous!


Shooter Jennings, in his signature pink wolf mask, seems to be everywhere these days. It is almost like he can be multiple places at the same time. How can he do that? You should talk to him and find out.

Quest information and text were gathered here and compiled from the Game Instructions for each release.

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