CONSOLE/Keyboard Keys
Game console for Windows ~(Tilde)

setspawn – You can sleep in beds but they do not reset your spawn button
setinventory – changes the default inventory on spawn/respawn
setgametype – changes game mode
0 – Normal game mode
1 – Semi-Creative mode (Godmode and instant break with tools)

settime or tod – Change the ingame tim
7 – Dawn/Sunrise
8 – Full Morning
21 – Sunset/Dusk
22 – Full night

mark – Saves your current position
goto – known options
#spawn – teleports to the spawn point
#mark (or gotomark) – teleport to previously “mark”ed position

F1 – Help
Provides Button Reference Help view for placing construction items
Provides Button Reference for placing objects

F2 – Fly/clipping off mod – Use to save from falling through the world and to Fly ūüėČ
you cannot interact with objects while flying, you must land first
Addition Keys Used
Move Down: Crouch(Left-Ctrl)
Move Up: Jump(Space)
Normal Speed – Page-Up
Slow Speed – Page-Down

F3 – Debug/display information (take 4 or 5 times to cylce through these to clear them)

L-key – Player sourced strong white light

Screenshots clear Hud –¬†~(Tilde) then type hud – type hud again will turn them back on.

Here are some of the tools and their functions:
Pickaxe – All your digging needs for dirt, stone, etc., also for breaking all placed blocks, objects, and construction components in the world.
Axe – Tree Chopping and Bush removed, also takes out ferns effectively
Sickle – Cuts/Clears tall grass in a small area, harvests plants for saplings
Left Click: cuts then clears tall grass
Right Click: only cuts grass
Scythe – Cuts/Clears tall grass in a larger area
Right/Left click same as Sickle
Does not collect plant saplings
Rake – Smooths out dirt terrain and turns grass terrain to dirt (useful for making paths)
Left Click – Smooth with more propensity to lower terrain
Right Click – Smooth with more propensity to raise terrain
Hoe – For Farming
Hunting Knife – For Tanning
Sledge Hammer РSmooths down stone terrain and alters stone texture  Breaks Blocks and Give back Mats sometimes
Crowbar – Remove Construction without destroying them
Weapons – Sword, Battle Axe, and Morning Star – Slash, Hack, and Smash respectively
Clock – Place in Equipment portion of Inventory – Use O-key(Gui Changeable) to access time of day in game
Compass – Place in Equipment portion of Inventory – Use K-Key(Gui Changeable) to access compass in game
SpyGlass – Zoom in
Fishing Rod
Canteen or Waterskin
Rolling Pin
pickaxe (steel)
axe (steel)
Ore Detector
Mining Drill

Primitive Furnace






Big Furnace

Modern Workbench


Spinning Wheel

Tanning Rack

Paper Press


Animals ‚Äď Timid animals will run from you, passive animals will let you walk up to them, retaliatory animals will attack you if you attack them first & aggressive animals will attack you on site, as soon as you are within their aggro range. I have also listed the items each animal drops.
Timid: Deer (pelt), Fox (pelt), Rabbit, Penguin, Rat
Passive: Cow (meat & hide), Chicken (meat), Pig (meat), Sheep (pelt when killed, wool when sheared), Giraffe (hide)
Retaliatory: Elephant (hide), Goat (hide), Moose (antlers & hide) & Rhinoceros (hide)
Aggressive: Bear (hide), Tiger (hide), Boar (hide), Polar Bear (hide) & Jaguar (hide)

Wood (Small Tree 4/5 Logs, Large Tree 7/8 Logs, plus 0-3 Sapling)  Use Axe
Planted Saplings grow over time through multiple stages
The more mature tree means more resources gained from cutting it down
Types: Maple, Spruce, Willow, Birch, Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Acacia, Poplar, Spruce Lodgepole

Flowers Pink/Purple, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and White

Chili Pepper
Corn Cob
Sugar Beet

Renewable: Cotton, Hemp, Tomato, Corn, Chilli Peppers, Broccoli, Strawberry
Non-renewable: Watermelon, Sugar Beets, Carrot, Lettuce, Potato

A variety of resources from digging into the ground:
Dirt (2-5 pieces per dig break action)
Stone (2-5 pieces per dig break action)


Coal : item ore 64 15
Iron: item ore 64 -101
Copper: item ore 64 -102
Aluminium: item ore 64 -103
Silver: item ore 64 -104
Gold: item ore 64 -105
Tungsten: item ore 64 -106
Sulfar: item ore 64 -107
Mithril: item ore 64 -108


1 fern1
2 flower1_s lilac/purple
3 flower1_m
4 flower1_l
5 flower2_s white
6 flower2_m
7 flower2_l
8 flower3_s orange
9 flower3_m
10 flower3_l
11 flower4_s blue
12 flower4_m
13 flower4_l
14 flower5_s yellow
15 flower5_m
16 flower5_l
17 flower6_s violet
18 flower6_m violet
19 flower6_l violet
20 empty
21 empty
22 desertshrub
23 desertshrub 2
24 seaweeds
25 seaweeds M
26 seaweeds L
27 underwater scrub (deko)
28 tube sponge –
29 empty
30 spruce1
31 spruce2
32 forestspruce1
33 forestspruce2
34 forestspruce arid
35 birch1 S
36 birch2 M
37 birch3 L
38 willow1 Weide
39 _willow2
40 _oak1 (not yet implemented)
41 _oak2 ”
43 _oakbig ”
44 maple1
45 maple2
46 appletree
47 _cherrytree
48 lemontree1
49 _lemontree2
50 _poplar americ.
51 _acacia1
52 _acacia2
53 _palm
54 empty
55 empty
56 _cactus1
57 _cactus2
58 _cacao
59 empty
60 _rubbertree1
61 _rubbertree2
62 willow without leaves
63 maple
64 ahorn mit blättern und herunterhängenden ranken
65 empty
66 empty
67 empty
68 empty
69 empty
70 _coffeetree (not yet impemented)
71 rowan1
72 rowan2 with berries (berries still missing xd)
73 _blueberry1 at the moment scrub without leaves
74 _blueberry2 ?
75 empty
76 empty
77 empty
78 empty
79 empty
80 empty
100 tomato
101 tomato_sapling
102 tomato_s0
103 tomato_s1
104 tomato_s2
105 tomato_s3
106 carrot
107 carrot_sapling
108 carrot_s0
109 empty
110 salad
111 salad_sapling
112 salad_s0
113 salad_s1
114 broccoli
115 broccoli_sapling
116 broccoli_s0
117 broccoli_s1
118 potato
119 potato_sapling
120 potato_s0
121 potato_s1
122 strawberry
123 strawberry_sapling
124 strawberry_s0
125 strawberry_s1
126 strawberry_s2
127 watermelon
128 watermelon_sapling
129 watermelon_s0
130 watermelon_s1
131 watermelon_s2
132 pumpkin
133 pumpkin_sapling
134 pumpkin_s0
135 pumpkin_s1
136 pumpkin_s2
500 spruce_sapling
501 spruce_s0
502 empty
503 empty
504 birch_sapling
505 birch_s0
506 willow_sapling
507 willow_s0
508 empty
509 empty
510 maple_sapling
511 maple_s0
512 appletree_sapling
513 appletree_s0
514 appletree_s1
515 empty
516 empty
517 empty
518 lemontree_sapling
519 lemontree_s0
520 lemontree_s1

    • item <type/shape> <quantity> [variation]
      • Shapes (variations): block, cylinder, halfcylinder, ramp, stair1, stair2
      • type (no variation): treelog, lumber, stick, torch, clock, compass, ironsheet, ironrods, ironrodm, nvg, maplesapling, pinesapling, apple
      • Variations: is a number representing the texture
    Rising World - Block IDRising World - Block IDRising World - Block ID
    • object <objectname>
      • Objects: workbench, sawmill, blockbench, anvil, piano
  • Spawn Tree Saplings:
    • item saplingapple 64
    • item saplingbirch 64
    • item saplinglemon 64
    • item saplingmaple 64
    • item saplingspruce 64
    • item saplingwillow 64
  • Spawn Crops:
    • item saplingsalad 64 (Lettuce)
    • item saplingpotato 64
    • item saplingcarrot 64
    • item saplingstrawberry 64
    • item saplingbroccoli 64
    • item saplingtomato 64


/tp help

Smelting Notifier:

This is just a simple plugin to display a notification and sound when your ore smelting is completed.


type /plantinghelp for help

type /planting 0 0 0 0 0 to plant or /planting 5 10 0 513 513 (small area of Apple Trees)

Animal Breed Master

/abm help

Cooking Timer

/ct start [bacon/steak/ribs/chicken/<TimeInSeconds>] – Sets the timer to the specified time and starts it – Example: /ct start steak, /ct start 20
/ct help – Lists all commands

Planks ‘n Beams with ANY (built-in) texture



In the AnimalBreedMaster.prefs.xml you can specify the maximum amount of animals per player.
Enter a appropiate value, acceptable range is between 1 and 1000, default is 50:

<entry key=”max_animals_per_player”>50</entry>

In addition, the reward system can be turned on or off,
true = activated, false = deactivated

<entry key=”reward_system_active”>true</entry>

Since version 0.50 you can (de)activate the renaming action (pointing on animal with paper
in hand).
This is useful if you run into trouble with the rename gui.
true = activated, false = deactivated

<entry key=”rename_action_active”>true</entry>

You can (de)activate the invincible action.
This is useful on multiplayer servers if you do not want your players to fool around
with invincible animals.
true = activated, false = deactivated

<entry key=”invincible_action_active”>true</entry>

You always wanted to be a farmer? Let’s go!
You now have the possibility to keep your own animals, to feed them
and to provide for offsprings!

How do you become an Animal Breed Master?
1. First, you must capture wild animals:
Feed the animal until it obeys you!
Keep the appropriate treat (see list below) in the hand and
approach it. You have to point at it (the crosshair must point at the
animal, the name of the animal appears then).
Press the interaction key (default: Key <F>) it starts to eat from your hand. After some treats, it is yours!

2. Command the animal to follow you:
Hold a rolling pin in your hand, point at it and press the interaction key.
It starts to follow you.
If you want the animal to stop following you, then interact again with rolling pin.
While it follows you, you do not have to hold the noodle in your hand.
In the meantime, you can do other things, e.g. eating or chopping down trees, etc.

3. Give your animal a nice name:
Hold a piece of paper in your hand, point at it and press the interaction key.
An input field appears. Enter the desired name (if necessary, click with the mouse in the field)
and confirm with the <Enter> key.

4. Make your animal mating:
Feed it again a few times with the appropriate treat.
If it has eaten enough, then it would like to get started! ūüėÄ
However, it needs a like-minded partner!
You must have at least two mating animals (of the same genus)!

5. The offspring:
If two animals are willing to mate, then they are getting started!
One of them becomes pregnant and after almost one and half hour (real-time)
it will give birth to a young!
Tip: You can greatly reduce duration by repeated feeding!

Additional interactions:
Leash your animal:
Hold a piece of lumber in your hands, point at it and press the interaction key.
Your animal will not move anymore!
To unleash a leashed animal press the interaction key again.

Make your animal invincible:
Hold a goldrod in your hand, point at it and press the interaction key.
If you press the interaction key again on an invincible animal it will become mortal again.

Release your animal (back to the wild):
Hold a stick in your hands, point at it and press the interaction key.
Now it does not longer belong to you.

The reward system:
For some action, you earn points that you can later convert
into “more exotic” animals!

How to earn points?
For the following actions you get 1 point each:
– capture an animal
– make an animal ready to mate
– an animal gets pregnant
– an animal give birth to a young

What kind of animals can I receive, and for how many points?
– fox : 60 points
– minipig: 100 points
– penguin: 50 points
– rabbit : 40 points
– rat : 100 points

How do I get a reward animal?
– you have to hold a certain item in your hand and place it on the floor
where it is supposed to appear (with key <Q>), this item will be exchanged
for the new animal
– wait approx. 10 seconds in the near of the dropped item (2-3 meters) until the
animal appears (or a message if you do not have enough points)
– list of items: see below

How do I know my current points total?
– in the chat enter “/abm help” or
– point at one of your animals with one of the reward items

Interact with the animal by pointing at it with a particular object
in your hand.

List of items and their interaction:
corncob: feed pig
carrot: feed cow
sapling (spruce): feed goat
sugarbeet: feed sheep
bacon (raw): feed fox
cherries: feed bear
strawberries: feed rabbit
watermelon seeds: feed chicken
pumpkin seeds: feed chicken
chili pepper: feed chicken
apple: feed elephant
beefsteak (raw): feed jaguar
ribs (raw): feed tiger
piece of watermelon: feed minipig
bacon (cooked): feed rat
potato: feed other animals
lemon: feed other animals

rolling pin: animal follows you
gold rod: animal becomes invincible
lumber: animal will not move anymore
paper: rename animal
stick: release animal

aluminium ingot: find out the number of reward points
gold ingot: find out the number of reward points
mithril ingot: find out the number of reward points
silver ingot: find out the number of reward points
lightbulb: find out the number of reward points

Drop one of the following items on the floor to gain a reward:
aluminium ingot: Fox for 60 reward points
gold ingot: Penguin for 50 reward points
lightbulb: Rat for 100 reward points
mithril ingot: Minipig for 100 reward points
silver ingot: Rabbit for 40 reward points

Additional Information:
The name tag above the animal appears in different colours, where:
– yella = a wild animal, can be captured
– green = this animal belongs to you
– blue = the animal belongs to another player

For performance reasons, interactions are processed in one second intervals.
If an animal does not react promptly, simply do not aim at it for about 1 second.

Chat commands:
Open the chat console (default key <T>) and enter following:

/abm help

for a short help page.
(Activate chat and press <Page Up> <Page Down> to scroll)

You can toggle the reward system on the fly,
additionally the setting will be saved in AnimalBreedMaster.prefs.xml:

/abm rewsys true
– activates reward system

/abm rewsys false
– deactivates reward system

You can turn off or on the name tags:
/abm showlabels off
/abm showlabels on

You can turn off or on chat notifications:
/abm showchat off
/abm showchat on

Since version 0.50 you can toggle the renaming action on the fly,
this is useful if you run into trouble with the rename gui.
Additionally the setting will be saved in AnimalBreedMaster.prefs.xml:

/abm rename true
/abm renaming true
– activates renaming action

/abm rename false
/abm renaming false
– deactivates renaming action

On multiplayer servers, only administrators are allowed to use this command.

Count your animals:
/abm count all – counts all animals or
/abm count TYPENAME – counts animals of a specific type, e.g.:
/abm count pig
/abm count cow

List your animals with some information like position, distance and name:
/abm list all – lists all animals or
/abm list TYPENAME – of specific type, e.g.:
/abm list pig
/abm list cow

Recalling your animals home:
/abm warphome all (recalls all your animals home)
/abm warphome ID (recalls one animal home – use /abm list to find out the ID)
/abm warpallhome (admin only – recalls all tamed animals from all players home at once)

You can toggle the invincible action on the fly.
This is useful on multiplayer servers if you do not want your players to fool around
with invincible animals.
On multiplayer servers, only administrators are allowed to use this command.
Additionally the setting will be saved in AnimalBreedMaster.prefs.xml:

/abm invincible true
– activates invincible action

/abm invincible false
– deactivates invincible action

Further commands for admins only:
– /abm listranchers – lists all ranchers (players owning animals)
– /abm listanimals PLAYER_ID – lists all animals from player PLAYER_ID
– /abm changeowner rancher OLD_ID NEW_ID – transfer all animals of player OLD_ID to NEW_ID
(set NEW_ID = -1 to release all animals to the wild)
– /abm changeowner animal NPC_ID PLAYER_ID – transfer animal NPC_ID to player PLAYER_ID
(set PLAYER_ID = -1 to release the animal to the wild)
– /abm reset lock rancher ID – unleash all animals of player with ID
– /abm reset lock animal ID – unleash animal with ID
– /abm reset invincible rancher ID – make all animals of player with ID vulnerable again
– /abm reset invincible animal ID – make animal with ID vulnerable again