Hi Kathleen,
My name is Parker House and I came across your site earlier this week when I was trying to find more facts about stories I’ve been told since I was little about my family. When I typed in the last name House into the sites search engine I found John House who was from Kent England and this struck my interest as I had been told our family came from Kent to America.

What I have been told since I was a kid was that Josiah Bartlett is my 7th (or so) great grandfather who was a signer of the declaration of independence and son of Stephen Bartlett and Mary Webster. I’ve also been told by my great Aunt that we also have a family member who was a signer of the Magna Carta. Although, she has passed away now and noone else knows the name of this person.

I was wondering if you might have any information that could help me so that this isn’t lost in my family since it seems only the older members of my family, who are no longer with us, knew these stories and passed them on.

We also have a Stein engraved with our family name that has been passed to the eldest son since (as the family stories say) the medieval times.

I’m a college student at LSU and am studying genetics as well as very interested in history so this seems to be my designated task for the family.

Many Thanks,