As some people that know that have been following the Enchanted Family Progress to date, I (Kathleen) has been in search for the last two names on her Family Fan Chart.  These were the parents of Clayton Leroy Jones.  Well last night well doing search in hopes to find something anything that might lead the way suddenly on the new version of the website was found Clayton Leroy Jones's Birth Record. Not just the print words but the image of the record itself.
Well this was like one of those finds of a genealogist dream.  There in black and white the names of the missing parents of Clayton.  Plus re they were born and that Clayton’s Father was a farmer.  A Gold Mine!  Cheers, Hooyra!
Once that information was found, and the connection made Poof other information and history about that family line suddenly was searchable and easily found.  So far I have many generations filled in above Clayton, but need to work the spread of siblings and the like.
I now know that line immigrated from the UK and there is a possible Mayflower link as well, through the Abigail SNOW line (a + gg grand mother).
One interesting note:  as I was growing up I was always fascinated with the town of Salem.  It might be due to the movies about Salem, but all the same I was interested.  Well that is now a connection in my Family Tree as many in this line were from Salem Mass.
So over the next few weeks you may noticed the missing section of this family tree will start to flourish as I build this section to see who the interesting people are that appears next.
Here is the Fan Chart that is now Complete: