Apr 19, 2014 - Love, Quatrain    1 Comment

From this Moment

 From the moment I saw you I loved you and my heart flew.
We have had our ups and downs and I thank god the downs have been few.
Recently we have lived through one of the worst downs in our life together.
I felt for the brief moments my life felt cold as arctics winters weather.

I could spend my days cursing the downs we have had,
But without them both, how would we know the good from bad?
I have always said you are the mate of my soul,
And you have my heart in parts and in whole.

From the ashes of what was driving us apart,
comes the love I have for you that totally fills my heart.

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen

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Apr 18, 2014 - Personal, Rhyme    2 Comments

Looking through the Heart

I wander through this life wondering,
Can I find my hearts true belonging?
Will I find someone to truly care and love me?
Or will I only find what I want to a tolerable degree?

Just when I felt I will spend my life alone,
You showed me something I have never known.
We have talked but I have never seen you face to face,
You talked to my heart and tied it up in any case.

We are about to meet and my brain got scared,
But my heart tells my brain to think of what we shared.
I care for you more than my heart can show
And from this point on I hope it can only grow.

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