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Time To Find

When I was new, just out of high school,
I did something that made me a fool.
I got married to a man,
That beat me so I ran,
And told the judge he was mean and cruel.

You would have thought I had learned my lesson.
But no!  A second marriage begun
It was doomed like the first
And even got much worse
So the judge made the marriage undone.

Now you would think third time is a charm
A old boyfriend so what was the harm?
But this was not so good,
Trying all that I could,
I could not take that funny farm.

I swore to never marry again,
I did not want to handle more pain.
And my dad said no more,
I can not take a four,
Down the aisle once more, it is insane.

But over time a wedding did prevail,
Even dad liked is guy is the tale.
So I listened to my heart,
Which was a new life start,
And over time we will we what does prevale..

Poem Style – Limrick / Poem Catagory – Personal
Written by Lady Kathleen

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Easter Day

easterdressOn Easter day it is a time for all.
For some it is a time to go to church,
For some they see the Easter bunny call.

This is what I have found in my research,
Religious persons the good lord comes first,
The rest are off for Easter eggs they search.

I love to watch the kids hunt eggs dispersed,
With Easter baskets full of grass and sweets,
This is a time of fun and not rehearsed.

In times of old they did walk the main streets
In Easter bonnets new, for all to see,
Before church time and hunting eggs for treats.

Enjoy this Easter day so nice with glee,
For Easter day is for you and for me.

Poem Style – Terra Rima / Poem Catagory – Seasonal
Written by Lady Kathleen

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