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Sonnet for a Friend Mike

As I start my journey anew, I dream
The steps I take now I wanted to share
I needed a friend and someone to care
I was so alone, to me it did seem
Then you wandered in, the fates did now deem
And opened your world for me if I dared

You reached out to me and captured my heart
I knew we would be friends from the very start
Heaven only knows where this road will lead
But I do know this, you are what I need
And one thing I can tell you that is true
Part of my heart does now belong to you

Poem Style – Sonnet / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen

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You light up our night

You light up our night with your stem and your wax,
Many sit and watch your flame to help them relax.
Though out time you have been fat as well as a bit thin,
So Short and very tall is also what you have been.

When you are lit you have a tendency to drip,
But mostly when someone has helped you with a tip.
When all can see your dancing little flame,
I am melting, I am melting, is what you will claim.

Over time when used you do get quite small,
But during your life you brighten the hall.
A rainbow of colors of the world you can be,
But you light up our night, so that we can see.

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Other
Written by Lady Kathleen

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