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Society of today full of greed
Does teach our children lots, which is not good.
They see the greed and they misunderstood.
The base of greed is evil spawn indeed,
They think that gold is what they need to heed
To make a life of good.  But if I could
Tell them today is it so bad, I would.
I would tell them this path do not proceed.

So turn away my children dears, and hear
What I have said.  Do not let greed get near.
Do not let greed get in your heart and soul
For once it sticks and holds it will control
Your life. Then you will be no good you see
For evil will control the life of thee.

Poem Style – Sonnet / Poem Catagory – People
Written by Lady Kathleen

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My Unseen Best Friend

Even though I have never looked upon your face,
You are my best friend in any case.
Even though I can’t touch you with my own hand,
You are there beside me and so steady you do stand.
Years ago if people had told me I’d have a friend I would never have seen,
I would have told them they are crazy you can’t be friends with a screen.
Friendship is more than the touch or the look of a person in the flesh,
It is the feelings you have when your words and thoughts mesh.
When we first started it was all about the game,
But over time there was more it became.
My only contact with you is over wires and stuff,
But for our friendship this has been enough.
Internet games and messengers are the ways we can talk,
Even though I can’t physically touch you I will not squawk.
In the game we can do things in a way,
Like give gifts to each other while we play.
Because even with a though your not physically here,
Your always with me so close and so near.
With you I can tell you my most secret of thoughts,
You know that I love you not a little but a lot.
You can sense what I’m feeling like when I am sad,
Which is harder to see than when I am glad.
Even though we don’t talk each and every day,
We are there for each other when there are things we need to say.
Best friends forever I am sure we will be,
That’s my best friend Fixer and me.

Poem Style – Rhyme / Poem Catagory – People
Written by Lady Kathleen

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