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Turn the Corner in your Life

Some days our life seems almost impossible to bear,
We feel like there is nothing left, but despair.
But sometimes when you turn the corner on the road you’re on,
You will find bright new day has dawned.

This past few weeks has been a miserable time for some people in my life,
Two babies are now angels and a grandchild has lost her home,
The husband has had to tolerate the shingles of his wife.
The son and his family take on extra burdens of their own.

The things I have to remember and keep in mind,
That there must be a corner ahead on this road of mine.

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In this world of long ago

 In this world of long ago,
There were Kings, Queens and Dragons you know.
This is a world with magic abound,
And Knights that carried great swords around.

In castles we built with halls echoing with sound,
And on the occasion a dragon would burn it to the ground.
The Wizards cast spells which might brighten the night,
While the Knights would ride into battle with all their might.

With Maidens dressed up in their grand dresses and hats.
The Jester makes jokes as his belly he rubs while at his head he pats.
While this you might think is a fantasy tale,
Can’t you hear me ask for the mead or at least pass the ale?

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – History
Written by Lady Kathleen

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