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Responce to your Poem

You wrote me a poem,
Your first in your life.
You will never know,
What this means to your wife.

After nine years,
I thought I knew you well.
But this proves once again,
You make my heart swell.

When I tell you,
Your a romantic man.
You say NO WAY,
As hold up your hand.

I know you think,
Your poem is not right.
But in my eyes,
It was a shear delight.

I love you more
Each day and everyday.
I am the luckiest lady,
Is what I got to say.

So there is NO WAY,
You can convince me anymore.
That your not the one,
That’s romantic to the core.

Poem Style – Quatrain / Poem Catagory – Love
Written by Lady Kathleen

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Babies sweet and wanting a hug.
Love so true it reaches your soul.
Evenings of joy with family and friends.
Spouses and loved ones as they come home when away.
Sons and Daughters to watch as they grow.
Initmate moments you hold in you heart.
Nights without nightmares calling my name.
Greeting of mornings with your sweet tender kiss.
Special things are Blessings.

Poem Style – No Style Format / Poem Catagory – Family
Written by Lady Kathleen

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