Learn about Heraldry: The Coat of Arms

In heraldry there is so many parts and pieces to learn about and in this write-up I wanted to talk about the Coat of Arms parts and the Shield, which is the main part of the Coat of Arms. In a full Coat of Arms you have several parts which are: The Escutcheon or...

Enchanted Castles Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms was designed and made in the 1980's.  It is shown here as an example of heraldry with terms. AZURE, A BEND ARGENT, THREE CASTLES TURRETED SABLE; HELM MANTLING: AZURE, ARGENT WREATH: AZURE, ARGENT MOTTO: ENCHANTED CASTLES - WHERE...

Heraldry is the science which teaches us how to blazon or describe in proper terms armorial bearings and their accessories.

We work hard everyday to bring ideas to life and help to teach and learn.  Medieval Heraldry is one such place.      We are descendants of the British Monarch and have always loved the Heraldry.

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Through the years the British Monarch used many Coat of Arms.