I heard this from a Titanic-Buff friend of mine, so excuse me if it seems a little rough around the edges…it’s second hand! 😉

Some say that when the Titanic was almost completed in her construction, they heard faint knocking on the other side of a bulkhead, suggesting that someone got trapped inside one the of the large metal walls. The banging continued for a few days in speratic intervals, and grew more faint as the hours went by. Finally over a period of a few days, the sound vanished…was there another victim’s life claimed before the Titanic actually sank? Beverly Wong’s Web Site

With reguard to the story by Beverly Wong, about the possibility of someone having been trapped inside Titanic. I’m sure that it is possible that there is some truth in this story. However it is more likely that it came from another story which actually did take place, in the last century. This is the story of another great passanger liner which was built by the famous British engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, starting in 1854. This ship was built in London and was planned to have a passanger capacity of around 4000. It was called the ‘Great Eastern’. during the construction of the ship a riveter and his apprentice went missing. It was rumoured that they had been sealed up, in a compartment and that their cries for help had been drowned out by the noise of the hammers.
For the next 35 years the ship went through a number of collisions with rocks and other ships and many things went wrong with it. Some of which resulted in the deaths of crewmen.The crew of the ship always blamed the apparent bad luck of the ship on the stoy of the two missing workers. In 1889 the ship was bought to be used for scrap. During it’s demolition workmen came across two skeletons; those of the missing riveter and his apprentice. few doubted that they had discovered the cause of the ship’s jinx.