I would also like to introduce myself to you. I am Kathleen, or in some places better known as Lady Kathleen. I am related to the Captain of the Titanic, Captain Edward John Smith.  Originally I ran “The Enchanted Titanic” site from within the walls of the Enchanted Castles then I moved The Enchanted Family section on it’s own and the Titanic sections got to share in both places, then later still I moves some Titanic poetry to it’s own Enchanted Poetry Site, but now I decided that is really needed a place of it’s own.  I am in the business world known as a website designer I felt that was this would be a perfect way to honor my Great Great Grand Uncle, Captain E. J. Smith.  This site actually has two names, “The Enchanted Titanic” and “The Children of the Titanic”, but no matter which you found us under I am glad you can and I welcome you to share in this realm and to be a part of this realm if you wish to be.  I will be bringing the archived material from it’s original places and hosting it here. It is my hope that you, the reader, will contribute where you can.

As far as genealogy history, I am Kathleen Alice Evans, Daughter of John Phillip Rouse, Granddaughter of   Francis Rouse (maiden name of Smith). It was my grandmother that told me the that her   Great Uncle that was the Captain of the R.M.S. Titanic which was Edward John   Smith. Of course this also makes him a Great Great Grand Uncle of mine (I think   I got the greats and grand right) I learned of all this one day while I was at my   grandmothers watching a wonderful titanic movie on her television, My Grandmother told me this and at   first I did not believe her, so she took me to where she had a bunch of old photo albums showed me some old photos of Captain Smith standing with other members of the family. These were pictures of like family reunions and such. (on a sad note, by the time I grew up and actually understand fully the importance of those pictures, they had already been destroyed in a fire).

My Grandmother’s Parents were Leonard L. Smith and   Sarah Sadie Smith both born in England they were from the Coventry area and   married in 1867. I have been trying for years now to track all that I can about this genealogy line. Of course if you have any information that would help me on my quest, please feel free to contact me.

It is my goal to find out  interesting Biography and other things about  the Captain and some passengers and the ship from a few books, magazines,  the Internet and any where else it may turn up at then  share that to you, the Reader and Child of the Titanic.



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