I was on a website doing some research on Titanic and I saw a section like
this that was a section of myths that were going around about the Titanic. One of the stories caught my eye and I thought I would share it.

On Titanic’s sailing day two engineers were checking around to make sure that everything was in place and that they had everything they needed, to do their job properly, when they heard hammering coming from a corner of the boiler room they were in. They searched the corner of the room but found nothing. They thought it was just there imagination so they forgot about it, and didnt say anything until about two days later, which was April 12. They were on a break talking to one of their fellow engineers, when the incident came up. The other guy said “Oh that was probably just old Tommy,” he replied. “Whose old Tommy?” one of the engineers that had the experience asked. “He was a shipyard worker that helped build the Titanic. Tommy was hammering one day and all of a sudden some boards just fell on him and he died. But don’t worry, other people have heard Tommy hammering too.” the fellow engineer said.
I dont know if this story is true or not, but some people that believe the story say that Tommy’s ghost caused the Titanic to sink. Titanic took his life, so he took the Titanic and the lives of others on it.