My name is Bob Bonnell. I live in Toronto, Canada. Like most people, I have had a passing fascination with the Titanic. That fascination turned into a passion when I discovered in June 1997 that I had namesakes on the ship. They were Miss Lily (Elizabeth) Bonnell and Miss Caroline Bonnell. They left the ship in Lifeboat #8. They were in the same lifeboat as the Countess of Rothes. I have been researching them and have yet to find out if we are elated. I like to think that we are because the Bonnell name is relatively rare as surnames go. Note from Bob after we added Mary’s entry below: This is absolutely incredible. I can’t believe that I am now able to talk to the daughter of those two ladies. I have been tracking down info on them for a while now. Your Children of the Titanic page really works. Thanks for putting it there. In Walter Lords book “The Night Lives On” (1987) is says “The sole American woman in lifeboat #7 was the only person in the boat who wanted to go back to rescue the people in the water.” Caroline Bonnell, Mary Chilcote’s mother was that “sole American woman”.


I am Mary Bonnell Jones Chilcote, the daughter of Caroline Bonnell. All of my children are fascinated by the stories of the Titanic. We have a scrapbook of all the original newspaper articles of the tragedy, mostly from the Youngstown Vindicator, where all in the party were from. My son, Thomas Jones Chilcote, just recently found out that the crew member in lifeboat #8 was named Thomas Jones. My Mother always cried when she talked about it, so as a little girl I didn’t realize the enormity of the tragedy. She died in 1950. My Aunt Lily Bonnell continued to visit us every year until she died. Mary