Do you know any specific information about Madam Charlotte Cardeza or her son, Tom, of Philadelphia? I understand from several sites that they were on lifeboat #3, along with my grandfather’s aunt and “traveling companion” (maid), Annie Ward. Read in a book about British newspaper articles of the time that Tom’s wife, Mary, claimed that Tom wrote her a letter saying that he bribed someone on the ship to get clothes for himself and his valet (Gustave Lesneur) to dress as sailors and in that way get onto a lifeboat. Were there any reports of male passengers dressed in sailors’ clothes when picked up by the Carpathia? From my own information, I can believe that Tom offered the services of himself and his valet as additional crew/oarsmen for the lifeboat so that they could get aboard, but find the bribery part to be in conflict with what I heard growing up. Naturally, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be true! According to my grandfather’s aunt, she helped to convince them to allow Tom onto the lifeboat by pointing out that he was the madam’s only child and that Mrs. Cardeza’s life would be meaningless without him, and by offering to give up her own seat to him if necessary. But, most accounts that I could find about what happened with lifeboat #3 were simply that women and children were allowed on first and then their male relatives or other men who were standing around were allowed on if they wished. Do you have any info on this topic? By the way, seems to me that Captain Smith acted very courageously. Lynn Mankin