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Cora Bell Rouse. She was born in Mocksville, Davie County, NC March 30, 1884. Her father was Anderson Joseph ( aka Joe) Rouse m. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Harris 1878. She was from Davie and Joe’s parents were Joseph Bell… and Eliza Rouse. Joseph was born January 15, 1853, in Marion County, SC. [ part of Marion was ‘partitioned’ and made into Dillon Co, Sc in 1910. It is said they are descended from Captain Francis Rouse. Cora Bell’s brother, James Kimbrough Rouse was the father of James Kimbrough Rouse, the author of numerous books on NC History. He was known as JK Rouse. A paper he was researching on the Rouse family from Cornwall, Uk. There was mention of Elizabeth Rouse and that she married her cousin. Also the name Pym. In a book written by a man for his three children. It was the history of pirates. He had a shortlist of some men who were on Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge’ that sank June 1718. He left 18 crew members on a sandy shoal of Sc and they were picked up by a British warship and taken to Charleston, SC. Some were set free, I think, and some were hanged by the British Admiralty Sessions. Joseph Rouse, age twenty-six, was hanged in August 1718. The Rouse’s went back and forth between NC/SC and were known as “Peedee men ” during the Revolution. They apparently were content being British and according to a ‘ history of the war in SC ‘ by Colonel Robert Gray who was with General Cornwallis until Gray let by ship to go back to the UK, the Peedee people ( backwoodsmen) had a genial visit by a British General. He spoke to the townspeople. He left and Francis Marion came by and tried to recruit them. They didn’t want to go and he made an ” example’ out of two or three so, they started firing on Marion and his men. They were expert marksmen and after killing and wounding a lot of his men over a two to three-day battle, Marion ‘ cut his losses and left. I suppose he had to circumvent that area quite a bit. There was a Thomas Rouse who lived in the little Lynches Creek area of SC circa 1765.  in a book on Pirates in a library has a pirate named William ‘Roos’ from the Cornwall family ( same information). He was active in the Caribbean in c. early 1600’s. He sacked Santa Marta in Venezuela and other places. He was based in Providence. He and a few men were captured by the Spanish and sent to a prison in Spain but, money was paid and they went back to Britain. Later, he went back to privateering and sacked Santa Marta again but, his relative who was an MP died and he had to give up pirating and go home to take up that position in 1643.