Favorite Castles


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nunneycastleThis is Nunney Castle which is located in Somerset, England. Nunney Castle had a deep moat surrounding it and built in a french style. In 1373 Sir John Delamare built this castle. The first Marquess of Winchester, William Paulet Owned the Castle at one time. in 1577 Swithun Thorpe owned it and sold it to John Parker, but a year later sold it to Richard Prater for a surprising cost of 2000 English Pounds. Later Colonel Richard Prater lost Nunney Castle to Fairfax, the commander of Crowell’s Army. The Castle was never lived in again after that.

KylemoreAbbyirelandThis is Kylemore Abbey located in Connemara, Ireland it was originally called Kylemore Castle and was built in the 1860’s. After the death of the Original owner Mitchell Henry the Castle became an Abbey for the Benedictine Nuns in 1920. The Abbey had been a boarding school which is closing in 2010.

Gresham’s Castle is actually an Ornate Victorian House, which is also called the Bishop’s Palace located in Galveston, Texas. This Castle was built in 1887. The bishop of the Sacred Heart Church lived in the Castle for a while, but now the mansion is open for tours by the public.



Tneuschwansteincastlehe is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle located in Bavaria, Germany. It was built in 1869 for Lugwig II of Bavara. After his death the Castle was opened to the public in 1886.


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