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This is Our New Age Book on Discovering our Ancestors

Emperor Charlemagne Quentin

King Charles I of France and Emperor the Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne) was a grandfather in the Enchanted Family tree. As a result there are many kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, etc. as grandparents and cousins.

Also some of the characters of our stories include but are not limited to Kings like Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror The famous Tudor, King Henry VIII Queens like Eleanor of Acquitaine and the Current Queen Elizabeth Counts, Dukes, Earls, Duchesses, Princes, Princesses, Ladies and Lords Knights like the Black Knight James Steward King of France, Hugh Capet Niall of the Nine Hostages, King Of Ireland King of Scotland, Kenneth I and Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, Marcus Antonius and Queen of Egypt Cleopatria, Emperor Of Rome, Julius Caesar,Magna Carta Signers and King of England, John Plantagenet, there is even King of Thrace, Thor the hammer-wielding god associated with thunder and Njord, The Norse God that is associated with sea

There is even Authors like David Rodney Pedrazine that wrote The Solomon Chronicles and just happens to be my co-worker for one of my clients, David may not be famous to you but there is a funny story I would like to share: I was doing the hiring for a client when I got a resume from David to fill a spot that was open. I met with him and hired him. A few months later he told me about the book he was writing, and about his family ancestors. I recognized some of the names and we compared notes and found we were distant cousins both stemming from different lines of Emperor Charlemagne. Now how cool is that? Well at least I think is is cool and David and I have worked together now for many years and discuss genealogy from time to time.

Greetings and Well Met,

Greetings Family and Friends, to where we have collected information over the years. We found out that the Enchanted Family has two very famous people at the top of the tree named Adam and Eve. So while exploring the tree you can follow their descendants as they scattered throughout the world. Some were famous by their deeds or heritage like the Royalty of many countries and US Presidents. Within the Enchanted Family they are all part of the ancestors and descendants of Lady Kathleen.

The Enchanted Family Website first had its roots within the The Enchanted Castle, but it soon outgrew the castle walls as did the Enchanted Poetry. So when Lady Kathleen is not running her business "Website Designing Plus" you can perhaps find Lady Kathleen here researching genealogy. You may find that some information was gathered from legends and folk lore. We feel if there is a story to tell we will spin the tale for all to enjoy.

We have interesting people like
President, Abraham Lincoln
President, Franklin D. Roosevelt
President, John Adams
President, John Quincy Adams
President, Zachary Taylor
E.J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic
Noah from the Great Floods in the Bible
Sarah Palin from Political Circles
Bing Crosby Actor and Singer (White Christmas)
Lady Godiva that rode a horse in town covered only by her hair
Fulk FitzWarin believed to be the Legendary Robin Hood
Pilgrims William Brewster, John Alden, Stephen Hopkins
Pilgrims John Howland and Elizabeth Tilly
Immigrates like William Weillum Compton
Owner of Nunney Castle George Prather
Travelers of the Wagon Trains like William H Hamilton and Cornelius Prather and who wrote about it in a diary
Soldiers like Thomas Sprigg and James Smallwood that fought Indians

There are many historical resources that I have found which can be very helpful when I am uncovering my family's particular history. I start by asking lots of questions: What was happening at that time, in that decade? Where exactly were they living? Is there a history written of that area? What area of the country was being sold or annexed? Where was the seat of government, and when was it established? Where were records kept in that year? Were there newspapers published in those places? Where did ships arrive, and from where? Are there passenger lists available, indexed, online? Oh yes Online is one of my most favorite places to search for information and that is why the birth of the Enchanted Family came to be. I feel I am giving back to others by posting what I have found. I also find that detailing as much as I can about people places and events make my ancestors' history come alive, and I hope my tree is intriguing to others like yourself. So weather you are in my family line or not I hope you can find something of interest.

Enchanted Family

People, Places and Events and keeping it all organized.

Helpful TIP: Keep a file folder of maps, dates and places handy and organize your files on your computer. Here at the Enchanted Family I use a program called TNG, which I am also incorparating into my Wordpress blog. I have always been interested in history, well maybe not so much dates but the events and people. But I hated all those historical dates that we were told to memorize. So, I would memorize them for an exam and then, promptly forget them! I never figured I would have a reason to use those dates, names, places, events after school, so in time they seem to have disappeared out of my memory.

Later, I am building my family tree and am running into many challenges. For example, I am researching my greatgrandfather's military service - there is a family story that he fought in the a War - but I have no idea when the War began, except that it was before 1900. It would obviously be very helpful to have those dates in a simple chart of wars or skirmishes.

Over the years, I have learned to gather both specific and general maps of relevant areas and dates. I now have more success finding my ancestors in the correct places at the times they may have lived there. And I understand what kinds of resources I might search for details of an ancestor living in that decade.